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Towns on islands in Croatia

Towns on islands in Croatia are attractive to all passengers, guests and tourists who want to meet beautiful dalmatian islands, untouched nature, clear sea and good offer of dishes and wines. Island Brac with its 12 tourist towns, Island Hvar with 6 towns, Island Vis with 2 towns, Island Solta with 5 towns and Island Ciovo with 2 tourist towns, belong to Central Dalmatia islands. Towns On Islands In Croatia have realized in year 2010. significant visit of 419.000 tourists, and they are: Island Solta of 13.800 tourists, Island Brac 150.200 tourists, Island Hvar 174.000 tourists, Island Vis 26.500 tourists and Island Ciovo of 54.500 tourists, which it represents 27% visit of all tourists in Central Dalmatia. Towns Bol and Supetar on Island Brac and town Hvar on same named island, are Top Destinations and for their beauty and attractiveness they are known to famous holiday makers and tourist agencies arround world. Many tourists who are coming in Central Dalmatia, want to come to islands and spend holiday in 27 towns on islands in Croatia, so they could meet untouched nature, peace, silence, clear sea, beautiful beaches and attractive sites. For their good traffic connection through Ferry Boat Lines with town Split, good offer and beauty, growing number of tourist are coming here and visit towns on islands in Croatia.

Island Brac

Island Brac

Island Brac is the largest middle dalmatian island. Because of its vicinity to Split and frequent ferry lines, it has become the island with the highest passengers traffic in the Adriatic sea. The guests and tourists like to visit it. .


Town Bol in Croatia is one of the most famous destination in the Republic of Croatia and in the world. It is situated in the southern part of island Brac. It has one of the most beautiful beach in the world, and it is multiple beach winner.


Milna is situated in the protected bay, in the eastern part of island Brac. It is known for its famous marina, Mrduja sail boats regatta, and the island Mrduja rope pulling.


Murvica is a little town in the southern part of island Brac. In its history, it was known for the caves and the hermitages in the rocks, where many hermits have been residing.


Nerezisce is situated in the middle part of island Brac, where the roads are criss-crossing for all the directions on the island. In its history, from the 11-19th century, it was the capital city of the island and principality.


Bobovisca is situated in the eastern part of island Brac, near the road from town Sutivan to Milna. From the ancient times, it was known for the cultivation of the agricultural crops. After this, it has got its name.


Postira is situated in the middle of the northern part of island Brac. Its name has got after the spacious pastures-postirne. It is known for the blue fish processing industry.


Povlja is the small seaside town, and is situated in the nort-eastern part of island Brac. Because of its location near the coast, the inhabitants have been, from the ancient time, dealing with the marine and trade.


Pucisca is situated in the northern part of island Brac. From the ancient times, it is known for its qualitative white stone and the stone masonry tradition. Its name, it has got after the water springs-puteus.


Splitska is situated in the northern part of island Brac, between the towns Supetar and Postira. From the ancient times, the inhabitants have been dealing with marine and the trade.


Sumartin is situated in the eastern part of island Brac and near the important maritime route of the brac channel. The oldest shipyard in the Adriatic sea has been built right in this town.


Supetar is the most famous port on island Brac, because of its large traffic of the passengers,cars and trucks during the tourists season. The very town for itself, is desirable destination for every guest or tourist.


Sutivan is situated in the north-western part of island Brac. Its name has got by the Saint Stjepan (Stephen) church.

Gornji Humac

Gornji Humac is famous town for its rural tourism. Town Gornji Humac attracts numerous guests and passengers because for its good tourist offer.

Island Ciovo

Island Ciovo

Island Ciovo is one of the rare islands connected by the bridge to the mainland. For the centuries noblemen from Trogir were building their residential houses in the peaceful bays with cristal clear blue sea.


Okrug is situated on Ciovo island. Okrug comprises two settlements - Okrug Gornji and Okrug Donji (Upper and Down part). Today, Okrug's inhabitants are engaged in tourism as a main activity.

Island Hvar

Island Hvar

Island Hvar was one of the first ancient Greek colonies. The town Pharos, nowadays known as Stari Grad, was a powerful and prosperous polis. Today island Hvar is a world-famous tourist destination.


Jelsa is located in a cove on the lowland part of island Hvar. Jelsa was once a significant port and owned a fleet of overseas sailing ships and fishing boats.


Town Hvar in Croatia is one of the most breathtaking tourist destinations in Dalmatia. It is famous for being a top destination of tour operators and travelling agencies worldwide who admire its stunningly beautiful scenery.

Stari Grad

Stari Grad is one of the oldest towns in Republic of Croatia. The ancient town of Faros is well-known for its long and rich history, tourist attractions and beautiful nature.


Sucuraj has a long and rich history dating back to the 4th century BC when an Illyrian tribe settled in its area. Because of its convenient strategic position, Sućuraj was governed by numerous rulers and authorities.


Vira a small seaside town called on island Hvar is located nearby the well-known city of Hvar. Nowadays, Vira is a small tourist resort surrounded by strikingly beautiful nature.


Vrboska is a small town situated in a bay surrounded by pine forest on the island of Hvar. Houses on either side of the canal of Vrboska are connected by bridges and that is why Vrboska is often referred to as ‘Little Venice’.

Island Solta

Island Solta

Island Šolta is known for its beautiful scenery, and peace and serenity which appeal to numerous tourists and visitors. Its coves attract the residents of Split who enjoy resting and bathing in the clean sea.


Maslinica is a small settlement situated in a bay on the west side of Solta island. It is well known by the Marchi castle with fortification purposes which is renovated and converted into hotel and restaurant.


Necujam is situated in the biggest island bay. It is assumed that it got its name due to the peace and quietness that is present this part of the island. It is known that this small bay – Pi kera,also known as Roman Emperor Diocletian.


Grohote is situated in the central part of Solta, close to the big fertile field in the middle of the island. It is a very important place for the island because the main island roads and routes are crossing there.


Rogac is a port situated on the southern coast of island Solta. A ferry line connects Rogac with town Split. This tourist resort was named after numerous carob trees which were grown by the inhabitants.


Stomorska is a tourist resort situated on the northeastern coast of island Solta. It was named after the nearby shrine called Our Lady of Stomoria, also known as Our Lady of Pines (a tribute to local pine trees).

Island Vis

Island Vis

Island Vis was one of the oldest inhabited places in this area. Issa, known as city-state, was in ancient times one of the strongest colonies in this part of Adriatic Sea. Today, Vis is an attractive tourist destination.


Komiza is situated in a protected bay on the west coast of Vis island. During its long history, the inhabitants of Komiza were mostly oriented to maritime affairs, fishing and agriculture.


Vis is situated in the big and protected St. George bay on the north-east side of Vis island. During the course of history it was known as city-state Issa, which were established by Greek settlers from Cyracuse, Sicily.

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