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Town Postira

The town of Postira is situated in the middle of the northern part of Brac island . Its name has got after the spacious pastures-postirne. It is known for the blue fish processing industry and the beautiful coast. Town Postira is located on the maritime routes of the Brac channel, so it has the large possibilities for its development.


Postira is little seaside town in the northern part of the Brac island. Its name has got after the word Postirna-Pastura-pastures. Present Postira is the modern town which is developing by the tourism, fish processing and marine.Arround the Postira there are beautiful peddles and rocky beaches with the pine trees forests, which give the pleasant shade during the hot summer heats.

History of town Postira

In the history of town Postira, it has been mentioned for the first time in the year 1347. as the settlement with the rich pastures, numerous olive trees, vineyards, many cattles and developed agriculture. Through the history of town Postira, the inhabitants have been dealing with the marine and trade, and recently with tourism.

Postira tourist town

Present Postira tourist town is the modern little town which has turned to the tourism, agriculture and the fishing industry. Here come the large number of the tourists, because of the beautiful nature, beaches and clear sea. The Postira Tourist Town has the good offer with 4 hotels, numerous private accommodation, taverns, Postira tourist summer, beautiful beaches, clear sea, the top dishes and wines. The Postira Tourist Town has the ideal conditions for all the guests and tourists, who are coming here for vacation in the beautiful nature and silence. Near the town there is famous sand beach.

Poet Vladimir Nazor

Our famous Croatian Poet Vladimir Nazor ( 1876 – 1949 ) was born in Postira town He has writen many literary works and poems. The most part of his life he spent as the teacher ih the high school. He was the participant of the Second world war and the first President of the National Republic of Croatia

Fish processing factory

Fish Processing Factory Sardina is very important factory for the residents of Postira town. The factory has its own fishing fleet made of 6 ships which are fishing in the Adriatic sea. Its products and the sardina cans are famous in the world for its quality.



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