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5 stars hotels in Dalmatia

5 stars hotels in Dalmatia are objects which, selected guests and tourists are looking for more and more, when they come in Republic of Croatia. Growing number of tourists are looking for Top Services during their vacation, so 5 Stars Hotels In Dalmatia had to be built In Middle Dalmatia, there are only three 5 stars hotels: Atrium, Le Meridien Lav in town Split and President in town Solin, while in whole Republic of Croatia, there are only 26 such hotels. After exhausting work in their native country, tourists want to change climate, country, and rest in 5 stars hotels in Dalmatia, because they will get there top: Accommodation, nutrition, entertainment, leisure, excursions, swimming in the clean sea, shopping, and the rich program during their stay in 5 stars hotels in Dalmatia. They have got this high category after: New building, adaptation, upgrade, extension, or object conversion into building whole, with highest standards in: Hotel arrangement, equipment, devices, services, maintenance and the other conditions. Staff must be highly professional and provide the tourists 24 hours services. 5 Stars Hotels In Dalmatia differ from other hotels in top conditions and services, like: Location at most attractive spots, beautiful arranged enviroment, possibility for quick arrival to hotel, larger participation of apartments in hotel accommodation units, longer meals serving, larger dwelling units, shops, post office, more support service staff, better approach to hotel, possibility for order of – a la carte meals - , more elevators, more menus, automatic guests wakening system, 24 hours serving other meals, more objects and contents, and other numerous services. Out of total 180 hotels in Central Dalmatia, there are only 3 hotels in Central Dalmatia with 5 stars.

5 stars hotels Grohote

Put Sv. Nikole 51, Maslinica, Grohote
Island Solta

5 stars hotels Podstrana

5 hotels in Podstrana are stretching on 6 km long coastal area.

Le Meridien Lav Split
Grljevacka 2A, Podstrana
Riviera Split

Le meridien Lav
Grljevacka 2-a, Podstrana
Riviera Split

5 stars hotels Solin

2 hotels in Solin, near Jadro river, it has rich past and beautiful nature .

President Solin
Petra Kresimira IV 11, Solin
Riviera Split

5 stars hotels Split

30 hotels in Split offer pleasant stay and other services to many guests and tourists.

Domovinskog rata 49A, Split
Riviera Split

Andriceva bb, Split
Riviera Split

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