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Cookies Policy - General Terms

Booking-Dalmatia.com takes care about privacy policy of our websites users, in a way to ask for his consent for introduction of cookies, and thus enable him proper use and an improvement of browsing procedure of those websites. Improvement in browsing of our websites is achieved by storing a part of information in user personal computer, so-called cookies which is advertised through browser of PC or some portable device, and websites the user has browsed again. Thus the user is identified, some adjusted and more useful websites are prepared for him and also some private information are stored, which no one can use them. It is the often case that user forgot a password for some web address or website and in such a case, the cookies can enable him to find out that information. If user doesn't allow the use of cookies on his PC, he can browse websites, but he will not be able to use some improved possibilities on them. Mostly cookies store part of text which is often used on websites and user browser. Today, the cookie services are offered by almost all internet providers, and among them Internet explorer, Chrome, Mozilla firefox, Opera and Safari, have introduced the cookie among the first. If user sends his personal data, websites will encode them and store on cookie to prevent the unauthorized use of user cookie folder. Exactly this privacy policy is main goal of cookie and complete procedure of user personal data safeguard.

Definition of cookies

Cookie is known as HTTP, WEB or Browser cookie which contains part of data sent from websites and stored on user browser while he is navigating on those sites or making a reservation or booking. Cookie is expression for the kind of message – part of text which is sent by WEB server to user browser and which is advertised on user website. Every time when user browses, fills up or changes websites, browser sends to server cookie to inform website about user's act and navigation. This connection is established through user hard disk, who is recognized by cookie and gives him improved websites with demanded information. By the user agreement, cookies can store important personal information, such as password, company title, PIN, passport, bank cards, pictures, addresses, identity card and alike. When user approaches to website with cookie function, server records that and sends the cookie to browser which is stored on PC owner hard disk. When the owner uses those websites again, they will recognize him and give him all demanded information. The cookie allows to website to store information on user hard disk and displays that later on browsed websites.

Types of cookies

To provide good feedback on user websites, there are 2 types of cookies, session – transient cookie and persistant cookie, depending on user request.

  • Session – transient cookie is deleted when WEB browser and user websites are closed. This cookie is stored on temporary memory and it is not displayed after the browser of user's PC is closed. Session cookie will accept all changes and information which the user has made on his websites, but they will not recognize him
  • Persistant cookie is stored on user hard disk within expiration date. This cookie can be used within that time which user has asked for or while he demands the deleting – blockade of cookie. Persistant cookie enables server to provide user through browser good and useful information about choosen text or changes on websites the very PC owner has made

Types of information the cookies store

Cookie is type of service which WEB server can through browser provides user on websites he has previously used. After first use of websites, server records that and inform user through browser of his PC or some portable device when he opens those websites again. Therefore, some demands – parameters are introduced for use of cookies. There are 6 parameters which are offered to users through feedback. They are:

  • User name
  • Cookies value
  • Cookies expiration date
  • Path the cookies is valid for
  • Domain the cookies is valid for
  • Secure connection

These are information, data, requests and types of services the cookies provide to every user of internet services if he ask for it through WEB form of some internet provider. Every provider has its WEB address through which user can ask for use, deleting or blockade of cookies services. After user request for intruction of cookies, server, since it has no memory, transmits that to browser and store it to user hard disk. All feedback will WEB server provide to user through cookies within these 6 parameters.

Types of cookies terms

During application for use of cookies, user can choose 2 types of websites use, first party cookies and third party cookies.

  • First party cookies is using when user is navigating current websites and server sends him on them feedback – cookies. This type of cookies contain the information about user requests and changes he has made on those websites and it notes short-term records about user browsing
  • Third party cookies originates or being sent to websites which user is not currently using. This type of cookies contains information about his requests, browsing and changes from previously visited websites, long-term records and history of user browsing. This type of cookies can be also used for creation of browsing policy, analysis and statistics of individual user cookies information

Introduction and deleting of cookies

Cookies services start exclusively on request and approval of PC or some portable device user. Every Internet services provider has its websites, form and procedure for introduction or deleting – blockade of cookies services. Cookies provide user numerous feedback, improved websites and information. Cookies can by user approval and request store: Password, PIN, ID card number, passport, bank cards numbers, company tittle, dwelling address in case the user forgot or lost them. Therefore the user can looses numerous information, good browsing and improved websites which he is browsing, if he send application for deleting – blockade of cookies services through WEB form. Therefore the cookies have the main goal to protect user privacy, accept information and data, encode personal data and provide them to user, when he asks for them. User can ask for information about introduction and deleting of cookies on following WEB addresses:

Cookie use

In procedure of use of cookies there are 2 ways which are tipycal for cookies, they are session management and personalization.

  • Session mangement of websites by user, the cookies can help him a lot by provision of information needed to him. In previously procedure user has sent all those personal data which he will need during browsing. That procedure is carrying out through user credentials, and WEB procedure authorizes sending the data and it allows him an approach to websites. Cookies contain all those data while user navigates on numerous websites. To protect those data, WEB server sends cookies with unique identifier during the user browsing of websites. After it has stored it on user hard disk, WEB browser sends back to server unique identifier with every following user browsing of websites. Cookies allow users often logging in on websites, so server has come to meet them by sending a cookie which contains user unique identifier
  • Personalization or user personality is one of cookie use feature, which through opening WEB addresses and sites recognizes user and provides him needed information. To realize this way of use, user chooses data which he will enter into WEB form and send to server. The server will encode those data in cookie and it sends them back through browser to user hard disk. In such a way, when user open title and websites, server sends him cookie on that website, where the personal data have been stored, and thereby is taking care of privacy policy and user requests

Tracking of browsing through cookies

Cookie can track browsing of websites by user in a way that browser sends cookie to server whenever the user browses new website. If user open website which has no cookie, server will create random string of browsing and sends it to browser as cookie, together with demanded website. In such a way server tracks the navigation of websites by user and gives him the information about browsed websites through cookies.

Legislation about cookies

To regulate the use of cookie, European union has issued in year 2002. the Directive about privacy policy and electronic communication, rules about request of user consent for use of cookie and similiar procedures for storing and approach to information on user's devices. Article 5 paragraph 3 is specially important which allow storing the data on user PC only if he gave demanded data and information and it gives him a possibility of refusal the act of storing. In year 2009. new directive has been issued, which instead of expression – User gave the demanded information- is replaced with – Storing the information and data can be carried out through cookie only if user gave his consent-. In Jun year 2012. European authority for data protection has accepted the directive through which are clarified the cases where the user consent for storing the data and information is not needed. Such the cases are:

  • The cookies can be exempted of user consent, on condition, they will not be used for further use and purposes. These cookies are using for tracking the user data entry on online form, like the data about bank cards for the purpose of payment or shopping
  • In procedure of use of cookies, there will be no risk of privacy policy if websites provide users clear information about cookies rules

Through these 3 directives, European union has clarified:

  • Complete procedure of cookies use in communication of server and user through browser and websites he has visited
  • Which information and data can be given by or without user consent
  • Procedure of user personal data protection
  • Procedure of personalization and recognition of user through cookies
  • Procedure of provision of needed information and improved websites to user
  • Tracking of user websites browsing
  • Introduction and deleting the cookies
  • Procedure of personal data entry in WEB form
  • Privacy policy

Analytical Performance Cookies

Booking-Dalmatia.com uses several services to measure attendance, such as: Google Analytics, Alexa, and some more. If you want to disable services that you mentioned a cookie, you can do:

Behavioural Advertising

In addition to displaying ads through our system, additionally we show ads from ad networks Google Adsense and DoubleClick. If you want to disable services that you mentioned a cookie, you can do so at the following link:

or find info on howto here:

History of cookie

Expression of cookie originates from words -Magic cookie- which has been used for the first time in year 1994. in company Netscape as the check of their websites visit. Their IT programmer Lou Montulli in year 1995. has sighed in as patent and developed it as complete service of users informing. Cookies service has been applied for the first time in October year 1995. on Internet Explorer – version 2. At that time users didn't know, even didn't noticed that cookie can be used on websites. Today, it is known almost to all Internet users and through providers they can ask for cookies services, which provide numerous information and improved websites. Cookies services have been introduced among the first by famous internet providers, like: Chrome, Internet explorer, Mozilla firefox, Opera and Safari. It is usually today to use cookies as additional information and help to user during browsing on websites.

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