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4 anchors marinas in Dalmatia

4 anchors marinas in Dalmatia are very important objects of nautical tourism for all vessels which enter Adriatic sea. Every marina has its component parts, like : Anchor, vessels landfill, dry marina and marina. An anchor is part of maritime space, where vessels are mooring. Vessels landfill is fenced space on land for : Stay, transport, lifting or landing of vessels from sea. In this space, admitance of sailors is not allowed. Dry marine is fenced space on land for: Warehousing, transport, lifting or landing vessels from sea. In this space stay for sailors is allowed, so they can use catering services. 4 anchors marinas in Dalmatia are most important objects of nautical tourism which cover water space and arranged coast, where services of: Berths, connector for electricity and running water, nutrition, drinks and baverages, and other services, are offering. In Republic of Croatia, there are 56 marinas with 2 to 5 anchors, about 15.000 berths on sea, and about 8.000 berths on land. In Middle Dalmatia, there are 9 marinas with round 1.900 berths on sea, and about 550 berths on land. In marinas of towns: Tucepi, Marina, Split, Milna, Palmizana, Trogir, Vrboska, Podgora and Kastel Gomilica, where the growing numbers of sailors with their vessels, are sailing into these marinas in Middle Dalmatia. After long and exhausting voyage, they need a rest, and therefore they sail into 4 Anchors Marinas In Dalmatia Beauty of coast, Middle dalmatian islands and 4 anchors marinas in Dalmatia, are attracting tourists more and more. Beautiful nature, peace, silence, blue clear sea in some cove, is event which sailors will never forget, and therefore they are coming back in Dalmatia every year. Five marinas in Central Dalmatia: Milna, Split, Trogir, Vrboska, Agana Marina have category of: 4 anchors marina in Dalmatia with 300 dry dock berths and 929 beths on the sea.

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