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Town Trogir in Croatia

Town Trogir in Croatia is a part of the municipality which covers an area of 39 km2 and has a population of approximately 20,000. Town Trogir in Croatia is situated on the coast of the Kastela Bay and the island of Ciovo with which it is connected by bridge. Nowadays, it is a modern town in every sense of the word. Town Trogir bases its economy on commerce, maritime affairs and, most importantly, tourism. Numerous hotels, villas, private accommodation, restaurants, harbor and car parking within the town and outside, make town Trogir an ideal tourist destination. Because of its mild climate and favorable living conditions, the population of Trogir is constantly growing, and the town is rapidly expanding.

History of town Trogir

History of Town Trogir In Croatia is famous and turbulent. It was founded by Greek colonists in the 3rd century BC, and it was a part of the Issa city-state (present-day Vis). The town's name originates from the Greek word for goat (tragos) and (Tragurion, Latinised name: Tragurium) which inhabited in abundance the fields and hillsides of the Kozjak Mountain. Later in the history of town Trogir, after the arrival of the Romans, the settlement was organized as a proper urban town with a well-structured and efficient agricultural system that included plains and fields near Trogir as well as those on the nearby island of Ciovo. In the history of town Trogir, known as Tragurium, was under the great influence of the town of Salona which was, at that time, the center of the Dalmatian region. These two towns maintained good transport, commercial and maritime ties, and rapidly developed within and outside the town walls. In the history of town Trogir, the sudden arrival of old Slavs and Avars in the 7th century led to destruction and depopulation of numerous towns and settlements in the Dalmatian region. The local inhabitants fled to the nearby town of Spalato (present-day Split) and the neighbour islands. After the Slavic raid, Trogir lost its former glory and significance, and it never fully regained it. However, in the 13th century Trogir started to flourish again under the influence of King Bela IV. Trogir had its patron saint (St. Lawrence), its own administration and money, flag and town property. Between the years 1420 and 1797, in the history of town Trogir, it was governed by the Venetian Republic, which left traces on the town's culture, tradition and architecture. Within the town center, rich and noble families built numerous villas, castles and gardens. Upon the arrival of the French between 1806 and 1814, the town administration and defense were reorganized. Later in the history ot town Trogir, during their rule (1814-1918), the Austrians intended to exploit the excellent geographical position of Trogir, and for that purpose they financed the building of numerous harbor and lighthouses on nearby islands. At that time, the main sources of income for the inhabitants of Trogir were agriculture, fishing, and maritime affairs. A period of change of administrations and governments followed, each of them leaving their mark upon the town.

UNESCO list of world cultural heritage

Trogir is world-famous for its historical sites. Because of its well-preserved old town center, villas, castles, churches, squares, coast, town walls and the exquisite fortress Kamerlengo, town Trogir was added to UNESCO list of world cultural heritage in the year 1997.

Cathedral of St. John

The most prominent cultural monument in Trogir is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence that has been building from the year 1213 to 1589, first in Romanesque and later in Gothic style. The Cathedral of St. Lawrence is also known as the Cathedral of St. John, after Bishop John who opposed the Hungarian King Koloman. St. John is also the patron saint of the town of Trogir.

Trogir tourist town

Trogir tourist town is known after its reach past, tourism, good offer and the beauty of the whole town. Because of the vicinity of the Ciovo island, airport and the roads, Town Trogir In Croatia tourist center has developed into the famous and demanded tourist destination for the stay in town, and as the starting port for the luxury charter cruising vessels. All the tourists are admired by it, and therefore many guests are coming here. To meet this large tourist demand, the Trogir Tourist Town have been built many hotels, villas, vacation houses, apartments and restaurants with the dalmatian dishes and wine.


Trogir is world famous town and destination because of its beauty as the whole city and the riviera. Trogir is very old town, which had the Illyrian, Greek and the Romans settlement in this area. In its history the trade, transport and agriculture have provided the aristocrats the sufficient incomes to build the numerous villas and the palaces in the town and in the surroundings. Trogir was protected by the high, strong and wide city walls, so it provided the security to all the citizens inside the town. In the latest history the town Trogir has become the famous destination worldwide, so it enabled the development the tourism, trade and the transport as the perspective industries.

Fortress Kamerlengo

Fortress Kamerlengo was the Venetian military defending tower for the accommodation of its city army. It is located near the sea on the South west part of the town Trogir, to provide the defense to both sides, the land and sea. Fortress Kamerlengo has been building by the Venetian authority in the period of 1420 – 1437. It has got its name after the Venetian cashier camerarius, who was dealing in the city incomes and taxes. Fortress Kamerlenga has 3 smaller and 1 big tower. A part of the Trogir cultural summer is taking place in this spot. It is also a beautiful viewpoint for the numerous guests and tourists who are visiting it.



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