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4 stars apartments in Dalmatia

4 stars apartments in Dalmatia are demanded objects for the accommodation and top services. They are interesting to all the guests who want comfort and good equipment, and therefore, they are looking for the 4 Stars Apartments In Dalmatia 4 Stars Apartments In Dalmatia are demanded objects which offer the top services of the accommodation, vacation and food preparation. Usually, they are in houses at attractive spots, and offer tourists demanded groceries, drinks, walking and swimming on nearby beach. A freedom of dwelling and movement is advantage of every apartment, so every guests is exactly looking for that. If guests don't want to prepare meals, owner or host, can offer them catering services. There are also 4 Stars Studio Apartments in Dalmatia, which offer services, contents and equipment in one large room. Private accommodation combines the : Renting rooms, apartments, vacation houses, villas, and the other objects. They have, in the year 2010, served about 665.000 tourists ( about 40 % of all the tourists ) and realized about 5.000.000 nights ( about 55 % of all the nights ). How many are there 4 stars apartments in Dalmatia, it is not known, but their number is increasing for the growing demand. They are present in almost every accommodation objects.

4 stars apartments Brist

Apartments in Brist represent significant part of town offer. About 80 apartments in Brist provide good accommodation and stay to all tourists.

Pension Franka
Blatnice 3, Brist, Brist
Riviera Makarska

4 stars apartments Gornji Humac

Apartments in Gornji Humac attract tourists for their location in nice stone houses. Gornji Humac apartments provide guests special pleasure in rural environment.

Konoba Tomic
Gornji Humac 37, Gornji Humac
Island Brac

Nono Ban
Gornji Humac b.b., Gornji Humac
Island Brac

4 stars apartments Hvar

Apartments in Hvar island are important for island tourist offer. About 1300 apartments in Hvar island provide guests pleasant vacation.

Brace Bozitkovic 2, Hvar
Island Hvar

House Pejkovic
Krizni Rat, Ulica Ivana Vucetica 32, Hvar
Island Hvar

Milna 17, Hvar
Island Hvar

Marinka Viskovic
Ivana Bozitkovica 16, Hvar
Island Hvar

Mario Tudor
Milna, Hvar
Island Hvar

Milna bb, Hvar
Island Hvar

4 stars apartments Makarska

Apartments in Makarska are important accommodation units for town tourist offer. About 750 apartments in Makarska provide guest good stay.

Ante Starcevica 114, Makarska
Riviera Makarska

Zagrebacka 47, Makarska
Riviera Makarska

Dr. Jakova Dudana 29, Makarska
Riviera Makarska

4 stars apartments Mimice

Apartments in Mimice are important for town tourist offer. About 20 apartments in Mimice provide guests good terms for vacation.

Prilaz moru 70, Mimice
Riviera Omis

4 stars apartments Okrug

Apartments in Okrug are important accommodation objects in town. About 300 apartments in Okrug provide tourists pleasant stay.

Put Rezica 6, Okrug
Island Ciovo

Maja Summer Residence 1
Okruska 13, Okrug
Island Ciovo

Kralja Zvonimira 65, Okrug
Island Ciovo

Okrug Gornji, Okruski put 5a, Okrug
Island Ciovo

Villa Leona
Ulica 4. ozujka 3c, Okrug
Island Ciovo

Villa Paula
Okrug Gornji, Pod Luku 15, Okrug
Island Ciovo

4 stars apartments Ploce

Apartments in Ploce offer guests pleasant stay in beautiful nature. Apartments are situated in very town Ploce and its surroundings.

Marinovic Bacinska Jezera
Bacinska Jezera 50, Ploce
Riviera Makarska

Rooms Galeb
Gornja Bacina bb, Ploce
Riviera Makarska

San Antonio
Stablinska 1a, Ploce
Riviera Makarska

4 stars apartments Podstrana

Apartments in Podstrana are significant accommodation objects of town offer. About 300 apartments in Podstrana provide guests pleasant stay.

Grijevacka 2b, Podstrana
Riviera Split

Grljevacka 3A, Podstrana
Riviera Split

Residence Art
Grljevacka 2b, Podstrana
Riviera Split

San Monte
Murska 16, Podstrana
Riviera Split

4 stars apartments Postira

Apartments in Postira are important part of town tourist offer. About 100 apartments in Postira provide guests pleasant vacation.

Porat 39, Postira
Island Brac

4 stars apartments Split

Apartments in Split are significant part of town tourist offer. About 800 apartments in Split provide guests good accommodation and stay.

Adriatic Queen
Spinciceva 33e, Split
Riviera Split

Apartment On The Beach
Cirila i Metoda br. 2, Split
Riviera Split

Spinciceva 2d, Split
Riviera Split

Asti Mande 1
Ban Mladenova 1, Split
Riviera Split

Authentic Luxury
Na Toc 6, Split
Riviera Split

Bella Marija
Hektoroviceva 36, Split
Riviera Split

Sibenska 13, Split
Riviera Split

Center Palace Rooms
Mihovilova Sirina 5, Split
Riviera Split

Coral Luxury Rooms
Kralja Tomislava 1, Split
Riviera Split

De Caris Palace
Cirila i Metoda br. 2, Split
Riviera Split

Aljesijeva 1, Split
Riviera Split

Trumbucac 11, Split
Riviera Split

Reica 24, Split
Riviera Split

Filomena Spa & Lifestyle Club
Put Radosevca 39, Split
Riviera Split

Manderova 42, Split
Riviera Split

Put Radosevca 38, Split
Riviera Split

Nazorov Prilaz 1, Split
Riviera Split

Keko Rooms
Dominisova 9, Split
Riviera Split

La Porta Rooms
Hrvojeva 6, Split
Riviera Split

Trg hrvatske bratske zajednice 2a, Split
Riviera Split

Kninska 26, Split
Riviera Split

Marmontova Luxury Rooms
Marmontova 5, Split
Riviera Split

Laginjina 4, Split
Riviera Split

My Place De Luxe
Bana Berislavica 10, Split
Riviera Split

Matoseva 10, Split
Riviera Split

Hektoroviceva 30, Split
Riviera Split

Our Croatian Home
Poljicka cesta 65, Split
Riviera Split

Palace Judita Luxury Rooms
Narodni trg 4, Split
Riviera Split

Palace Suites
Narodni Trg 13, Split
Riviera Split

Palazzo Comfort
Narodni Trg 14, Split
Riviera Split

Prior Suites
Petra Priora 11, Split
Riviera Split

Priuli Luxury Rooms
Sinjska 1, Split
Riviera Split

Aljesijeva 6, Split
Riviera Split

Riva Front Sea View
Obala Hrvatskog narodnog preporoda 12, Split
Riviera Split

Rooms Toni
Aljesijeva 17, Split
Riviera Split

Royal Suites
Kralja Zvonimira 12, Split
Riviera Split

Sleep Inn Split
Sinjska 5, Split
Riviera Split

Split Theatre
Poljana Tina Ujevica 2, Split
Riviera Split

Stylish Theatre
Krusevica Gumno 25, Split
Riviera Split

Preradovicevo setaliste 9, Split
Riviera Split

Poljana Tina Ujevica 2, Split
Riviera Split

Miliceva 5, Split
Riviera Split

Roosweltova 44, Split
Riviera Split

4 stars apartments Stari Grad

Apartments in Stari Grad are important objects of town offer. About 200 apatments in Stari Grad provide guests good accommodation.

Frane Supila 39, Stari Grad
Island Hvar

Jees Exclusive
Duboka 1, Stari Grad
Island Hvar

4 stars apartments Sumartin

Apartments in Sumartin are important objects for town tourist offer. About 120 apartments in Sumartin give guests enjoyable stay.

Barba Petra Dvori
Sumartin bb, Sumartin
Island Brac

4 stars apartments Trogir

Apartments in Trogir are important accommodation objects of town offer. About 240 apartments in Trogir provide tourists pleasant stay.

K. A. Stepinca 78b, Trogir
Riviera Trogir

Domus Sidro
Trg Svetog Petra 10, Trogir
Riviera Trogir

Kralja Zvonimira 17, Trogir
Riviera Trogir

Put planikovice 1, Trogir
Riviera Trogir

House Bakica
Kralja Tomislava 23, Trogir
Riviera Trogir

House Klaudija
Tina Ujevica 1A, Trogir
Riviera Trogir

K.A.Stepinca 78A, Trogir
Riviera Trogir

Antona Gustava Matosa 24 , Trogir
Riviera Trogir

Villa Lida
Put Dragulina 62b, Trogir
Riviera Trogir

4 stars apartments Tucepi

Apartments in Tucepi are significant objects in town tourist offer. About 450 apartments in Tucepi provide guests good accommodation.

Bluesun Holiday Village Afrodita
Dracevice 35, Tucepi
Riviera Makarska

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