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Sailboat Cruises in Croatia

Through history of numerous nations at seaside sailboat cruises were way for meeting other countries, towns and nations, for trade, journey or pleasure. Sailboat is boat which has partly or entirely drive on sails. In regard to powerboat, sailboat has masts with sails and equipment – sails and ropes which make sails sturdy and safe – rigging. If crew is trained, sailboat cruises, sailing ship cruises and mega sailing ships cruises can be pleasant, because feeling of wind which is blowing into sails and very sailing on sea is pleasure for everyone.
There are numerous sailboats depending on:

-Type ( sailboat, sailing ship, super sailing ship and mega sailing ship )
-Size ( sailboat to 12 m, sailing ship from 12 – 24 m, super sailing ship from 24 – 50 m and mega sailing ship over 50 m )
-Types of drive ( drive on sails with auxiliary or main engine )
-Construction ( monohull, catamaran, trimaran )
-Type of keel ( full, flipper, wing, sliding )
-Purpose ( sport, training, regatta, cruise and other )
-Number and appearance of masts,
-Number and type of sails ( cross, latin, bowsprit, steep, gaff, leaf, jib, spinnaker, genova, main, gennaker and other )
-Type of material they are made of ( wood, fiberglass, carbon, steel, aluminium and other ).

Sailboats and smaller sailing ships are building in plants far of larger rivers, lakes and sea, because they can be transported by trailer or special vehicle to dealers and customs. Through history of trade and maritime, there were a lot of sailing ships: Bracera, Brik, Bark, Caraka, Dzunka, Falkusa, Fluta, Galion, Caravela, Loger, Pelig, Tartana, Vasa, Scuna, Trabakul, Jol, Ket, Kuter, Leut, Skip and other. Today, only in Indian ocean, sailing ships are using for transport of passengers and goods. In other part of world, sailing ships are using as training ships, for sport, leisure and tourism. For its beauty sailing ship was named as queen of seas, so many tourists are applying to meet Croatia Adriatic sea just through sailboat cruises in Croatia.
For increasing interest of tourists for cruise and vacation on sea, mega sailing ships are building more and more in shipyards near larger rivers, lakes and sea. After building they are setting down into sea over slipway and professional crew transport this large ship to wanted destination. Today in Mediterranean there are over 1.500 mega sailing ships in charter through marinas. Name of yacht has appeared at beginning of 20 th century, when rich individuals have ordered building of large luxury sailing and motor ships for private purposes, pleasure and vacation during their cruise on seas.
Till year 1950. sailboat, sailing ships and motor yachts have been building by wood and steel. After that, ships have started to be built by fiberglass, carbon, aluminium, steel and wood, so they could have strength, less weight and faster navigation. When such beautiful modern and fast ship is built, sailboat cruises in Croatia on Adriatic sea will be pleasure for every sailor and tourist for clear sea and untouched nature.


Available Charter
Sun Odyssey 54 DS (Lučica)
Sun Odyssey 54 DS (Lučica)
status ok

Sun Odyssey 54 DS Lučica
Departure base: ACI Marina Split
Berths: 12 (8+2+2)

Elan 40 (Oliva)
Elan 40 (Oliva)
status ok

Elan 40 Oliva
Departure base: ACI Marina Split
Berths: 6+2

Bavaria 49 (Sutvid)
Bavaria 49 (Sutvid)
status ok

Bavaria 49 Sutvid
Departure base: ACI Marina Split
Berths: 10+2

Bavaria 44 (Brisnik)
Bavaria 44 (Brisnik)
status ok

Bavaria 44 Brisnik
Departure base: ACI Marina Split
Berths: 10 (8+2)


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