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List of rural houses in Central Dalmatia

Rural tourism is more and more reperesented in offer of numerous travel agencies and holiday makers in Dalmatia, so therefore, list of rural houses in Central Dalmatia is important guide and information to organizer of travel or excursion. Tourists like to spend a part of their vacation along coast and enjoy in swimming and rest near seaside, and the other part spend in coutryside and in nature. Domestic food, wine cellars, rural environment, beautiful nature and kindness of hosts is challenge to every guest who has chosen one tourist town from list of rural houses in Central Dalmatia. Usually they are Old Stone Houses which are renovated into modern tourist objects and furnished with modern appliences which provide guests full comfort. Dishes and bread hosts are preparing in traditional way, like it is done in countryside, on: Fire place, grill or lid. Except accommodation and food staff organize numerous other interesting services, like they are: Excursions to nature, picking of forest fruit, peddling in kayaks on rivers and lakes, performing agricultural jobs, winemaking in wine cellars, olives harvesting, picking fruit and vegetables, photo safari, excursion to country olympic games and numerous other curuosities. List of rural houses in Central Dalmatia contains 63 rural houses, which of them are 41 along coast and 22 on islands. There are 4 ethno-eco villages: Skopljanci near town Lecevica, Karoglani near town Zmijavci, Grabovci near town Prolozac donji and Kokorici near town Vrgorac. Many families have organized Rural Households which have large agricultural area, olive trees, fruit trees, vegetables, swimming pool, wine cellars, sports facilities, children playground, farms of animals, wells and many other tourist objects. It is very interesting List Of Rural Houses In Central Dalmatia by rivieras: Split riviera has 12 rural houses and 1 ethno-eco village in Dalmatian countryside, Makarska riviera has 2 rural houses along coast, 7 rural houses and 3 ethno-eco village in Dalmatian countryside, Omis riviera has 2 Rural Houses Along Coast and 11 rural houses in Dalmatian coutryside, Trogir riviera has 3 rural houses along coast, island Brac has 12 rural houses, island Hvar has 3 rural houses and island Vis has 7 rural houses. Town Trogir has 1 rural house, town Zrnovnica has 2 rural houses, town Omis has 2 rural houses, town Tucepi has 1 rural house and town Zivogosce has 1 rural house. List Of Rural Houses In Central Dalmatia will certainly assists travel agencies and tourists to organize travel to those beautiful countrysides and there spend in rural environment and nature unforgetable vacation with domestic food and wines.

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