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Town Omis

The town of Omisˇ is situated on the estuary of the River Cetina. It has a tumultuous history and it was known as the pirate town. The inhabitants of Omis kept close ties with the famous Poljica Principality. Town Omis is located under the high rocks of Mosor mountain, which have provided the town security from the attacks from the land. Town Omis is today a modern settlement which is mostly dealing in tourism, trade and the transport.

History of town Omis

The town of Omis is a popular tourist destination situated on the estuary of the River Cetina. History Of Town Omis was rich and tumultuous and dates back to ancient times. Its name is derived from Slavic word holm or hum, meaning a hill. The town was known as Olmissium in the Middle Ages and Almissa during the Venetian rule. In the History Of Town Omis the inhabitants of Omis engaged mainly in maritime affairs, fishing and trade throughout history, and kept close ties with the neighbouring Poljica Principality.

Poljica Principality

Poljica Principality was the famous province in the period of 13 - 19th century, while it hasn't been abolished in the year 1805 by the French marshal Marmont. Poljica Principality coved the area from the river Zrnovnica, near town Stobrec to Town Omis and the Mosor mountain hinterland, made of 12 katuna ( regions ). Poljica Principality had the statut which has determined the life, agruculture, trade, baunderies, customes, army, finance, incomes and taxes. The army of Poljica Principality had many battles with the turkish army and has allways won, such in the famous battle in the year 1530. near the village Gate.

Omis pirates

During the Middle Ages, the locals have used a piracy as a source of incomes. Omis pirates have been infamous for their attacks on nearby towns and settlements and, most notably, merchant ships which sailed the central Adriatic Sea. Omis pirates were excellent seamen and had a fleet of small but fast ships which, in addition to the natural shelter provided by the River Cetina and its canyon, enabled them to attack their victims and swiftly retreat to a hidden part of the bank of the River Cetina where they built their Slanica Fortress. At the time of their greatest success and prosperity, the Omis Pirates were led by the dukes Kacici and Subici. For around 200 years, the local pirates represented an immense threat to papal galleys, merchant ships of the powerful Venetian Republic, crusader convoys on their way back from Palestine, and many others. Omis was frequently attacked by the Turkish army, but its residents never lost a battle and Omis never succumbed to the Ottoman Empire. In a noteworthy battle near the settlement of Gata in 1530, where the Turks were completely beaten and humiliated by the pirates of Omis. Upon the arrival of the French to this area in 1805, Omis Pirates lost their power and control over the maritime passages, which marked the beginning of the slow decline of Omis as a pirate town. In order to survive, the locals turned to trade and maritime affairs. In years to come, many different rulers and governments administered the town of Omis.


Present Omis is a modern town that bases its development and economy on commerce, maritime affairs and tourism. The municipality of Omis consists of 31 settlements with a population of approximately 20,000 and covers an area of 266 km2. The completion of modern roads nearby Omis will contribute to the expansion of the town in terms of transport, economy and tourism. The town's administration and tourist board do everything in their power to transform Omis into the important economic centre of the central Dalmatia.

Omis tourist town

Omis tourist town is situated at the mouth of the Cetina river, and is known ofter its long history, Omis pirates, beauty and the good tourist offer. Mosor mountain and its sand beaches were allways attracting the tourists, so therefore the Omis Tourist Town have been built many hotels, villas, vacation houses, apartments and the restaurants with the dalmatian dishes and wine.

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