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Apartments in Omis

Apartments in Omis are significantly represented in tourist offer of town and Omis riviera. About 400 Apartments In Omis are located in 19 hotels- villas and numerous private objects, which provide top services of accommodation and stay. Omis Riviera is 30 km long, and covers 12 towns, from Dugi rat to Pisak. Apartments In Omis are situated at attractive spots near sea and beautiful sandy beaches. Near town Omis, there is large camp on surface of 7 ha with sandy beach, which can accept 1800 guests with 600 camp spots in large forest. Town Omis is situated under bottom of mountain Mosor, near river Cetina and beautiful beaches. Omis Riviera participates with 6% of Middle dalmatia tourist turnover. Apartments in Omis contribute significantly to quality of tourist offer of town and its riviera.

Apartments Omis

Apartments in Omis are significantly represented in town tourist offer. About 400 apartments in Omis provide pleasant stay and accommodation.

Active holidays
Knezova Kacica bb, Omis
Riviera Omis

Nemira V 13, Omis
Riviera Omis

Agava Mirjana
Poljicka cesta 2, Duce Glavica, Omis
Riviera Omis

Poljicka cesta 25, Duce Docine, Omis
Riviera Omis

Apartment Sea View
Poljicka cesta - Rogac 61, Duce, Omis
Riviera Omis

Nemira IV 19, Omis
Riviera Omis

Velika Luka 3, Omis
Riviera Omis

Tice I/10, Stanici, Omis
Riviera Omis

Nemira V 3, Omis
Riviera Omis

Nemira bb, Omis
Riviera Omis

Fra Stjepana Vrlica 51, Omis
Riviera Omis

Nemira IV 18, Omis
Riviera Omis

Duce Golubinka III/7 , Omis
Riviera Omis

Nemira IV 7, Omis
Riviera Omis

Nedo Dalmatia
Rape I br 3, Stanici, Omis
Riviera Omis

Pension Begic
Poljicka cesta - Duce Rogac - 3, Omis
Riviera Omis

Put Nemire 23, Omis
Riviera Omis

Stanici bb, Omis
Riviera Omis

Velika Luka 2, Stanici, Omis
Riviera Omis

Mile Gojsalic 3, Omis
Riviera Omis

Ruskamen III/6, Lokva Rogoznica, Omis
Riviera Omis

Poljicka cesta Docine 67, Omis
Riviera Omis

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