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Restaurants in Omis

Restaurants in Omis are typical tourist objects which offer top dishes, wines and they are important for tourist offer of Dalmatia. There are 18 Restaurants In Omis which provide various dishes and specialties of international, dalmatian and local cousine to numerous passengers, guests and tourists. Cooks in famous restaurants in Omis: Antula, Kastel Slanica, Radmanove mlinice, Vila dvor, Milo, Plaza, Puljiz, Pod odrinom and in camp Galeb are preparing dalmatian dishes from fresh domestic foodstuffs, fish, meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables and dalmatian spices. Top cousine, domestic environment, kindness od hosts, top wines and beautiful nature of town under the rocks, provide real gastronomic delight and pleasure to every guests, passenger or tourist who are coming to this beautiful tourist town. Town Omis is pearl of Dalmatia for its beauty, vicinity of river Cetina and Top Destination for numerous international travel agencies and holiday makers. Numerous taverns and Restaurants In Omis are located in old stone houses which are adapted and renovated into tourist objects with modern appliencies, domestic souvenirs, dalmatian trees, flowers and spacious terraces, from which live music is heard. Restaurants in Omis offer numerous Dalmatian Dishes And Specialties from grill and lid and therefore during tourist season many tourists are visiting them.

Restaurants Omis

Restaurant Omis riviera Croatia are important objects because they offer guests and tourists dalmatian specialties and wines. Call us and book restauransts on Omis riviera Croatia.

Brzet 3, Omis
Riviera Omis

Vukovarska bb, Omis
Riviera Omis

Poljicki trg bb, Omis
Riviera Omis

Camp Galeb
Vukovarska bb, Omis
Riviera Omis

Kastil Slanica
Kanjon Cetine, Omis
Riviera Omis

Knezova Kacica 6, Omis
Riviera Omis

Mala Luka
Mala Luka bb, Omis
Riviera Omis

Vukovarska 76, Omis
Riviera Omis

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