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Island Ciovo

Island Ciovo is one of the rare islands connected to the mainland by the bridge. For the centuries the noblemen from town Trogir were building their residential houses in the peaceful bays with cristal clear blue sea. The island Ciovo is one of the small mid-Dalmatia island. It is situated between the towns Trogir and Split. The island Ciovo has a long history and has been inhabited since Illyrian times in 4th century BC. It was Illyrians, who named it as an 'island of snakes'. Over time, the island Ciovo changed its rulers many times, due to the fact of being very close to the mainland. The peak of island prosperity came in 15th century. At that point, many refugees from the Turkish army, inhabited the island and started to develop an agriculture and fishing. Island Ciovo is today the modern island and is mostly dealing with the tourism, trade and the traffic.


However, the main purpose of the Ciovo, through its history, was a place for a holidays and leisure time of the rich nobility living on the main land. Therefore it is not surprising, that tourism is today one of the main activity on the Ciovo. The most famous places on the Ciovo include: Slatine, Zedno, Okrug donji and Okrug gornji. The total area of the Ciovo does not exceed 30 km2. Ciovo length from the cape Okrug to the cape Glava Ciovo is about 15 km. The island protects Kastela bay from the open sea. Ciovo is connected to town Trogir by the Bridge on its west side.

History of island Ciovo

During the history of island Ciovo, many rulers have been changing: From Illyrians and Romans to the dukes and the other members of nobility. One of very interesting fact during the 4th century, was that of being a prison colony for the heretics, outcasts and sanctuary for the poor and hermits. Later on, through the history of the island Ciovo, the city of Trogir regulated by law, the conditions for living and immigration to island Ciovo. Later in the history of Island Ciovo the citizens of Trogir started to migrate to Ciovo because of its wonderful nature, agricultural potential and because the Trogir has become to small for all the citizens. However, the status of each family was soon visible by the shape and size of the houses. Representative residences have been built on the sea shore, while, there were small stone houses of fisherman and farmers on the the island rocks. History of the Island Ciovo was recording an intense migration to Ciovo from the neighboring Kastela Bay towns during the 16th century. To protect themselves from the frequent attacks from a sea and land, the citizens of Okrug town moved to a neighboring hill in the central part of the island.

Residential houses on island Ciovo

At the same time, the town Trogir noblemen started to build the residential houses with magnificent gardens and parks in Saldun Bay while noblemen from Split started to build their residential houses in Slatine. They were reaching their villas and rssidential houses with boats, and then would return to their homes on the mainland, with the fresh fruits and vegetables, after a relaxing weekend. Unfortunately, after the noblemen deserted these residential houses, the local inhabitants have been using those stones as the building material,and therefore, not too many of these houses are preserved today.

Island Ciovo tourist destination

Island Ciovo tourist destination is famous after the clear sea, a good tourist offer and numerous objects. To meet many tourists and guests demands, Island Ciovo Tourist Destination has taken the measures to built many hotels, restaurants, camps, villas, vacation houses and apartments. Because of the island beauty and the roads vicinity, Island Ciovo Tourist Destination attracts many tourists, guests and travellers.



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Island Ciovo

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