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Town Okrug

The Town Okrug is situated on Ciovo island. and comprises two settlements - Okrug Gornji and Okrug Donji ( Upper and Down Okrug ). Today, Town Okrug inhabitants are dealing in tourism as a main activity The town of Okrug is situated on the eastern part of Ciovo island. Ciovo is connected with the town Trogir and the main land, by the bridge. It is close to the major tourist towns in the region and Split's airport.


Okrug is situated on the eastern part of the Ciovo island and comprises two settlements - Okrug Gornji and Okrug Donji ( Upper and Down Okrug ). Through the history the central part of the island - todays Okrug Gornji, has been inhabited first, due to frequent attacks and the threat from the sea. Later on, people started to inhabit the sea shore and started to engage with trade, maritime affairs and later on tourism.

History of town Okrug

The History Of Town Okrug is connected with the long history of town Trogir. The aristocrats and the rich citizens from the town Trogir have been building their residential houses on the Ciovo island, near the sea and the fertile land. In the history of town Okrug, in that way, the aristocrats have provided themselves the fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. It applies specially in the case of the frequent attacks of the different army on the mainland. Later in the history of town Okrug, arround these country houses, the common people started to build the stone houses on the slopes of the hills to preserve the fertile field below. Today the Okrug is a modern town which is dealing with the tourism, fishing and trade.

Okrug tourist town

Today, the Okrug tourist town has a moderate climate, wonderful unspoilt beaches, Mediterranean vegetation and the view of Koziak mountain and the neighboring islands, attract many tourists and guests to Okrug. That's why, it is not surprising, that Okrug Tourist Town has high quality offer including numerous hotels, tourist offices, villas, restaurants and apartments. Okrug Tourist Town is a little town on the Ciovo island, which has been developed through two settlements: Upper and lower. Lower Okrug is located near the sea, as the typical tourist town. Many tourists and guests are coming here.



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