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Town Hvar in Croatia

Town Hvar in Croatia is one of the most breathtaking tourist destinations in Dalmatia. Town Hvar in Croatia is famous for being a top destination for the world tour operators and travelling agencies who admire its stunningly beautiful scenery. Hvar is also known as the sunniest town in the Dalmatia with its 2718 hours and its lovely Pakleni islands.


Hvar, one of the most breathtaking tourist spot in Dalmatia and a well-known tourist destination among tour operators and traveling agencies, is situated on the south-western coast of the island of Hvar. The island road links the town of Hvar with, Stari Grad, Jelsa and Sucuraj, which is located on the far eastern part of the Hvar island. The town Hvar population is approximately 4,000 inhabitants. The town of Hvar is the administrative and economic center of the island, and has a long history dating back to ancient times.

History of town Hvar

History of town Hvar is very long. Today name of the island is of ancient Greek origin, the word pharos means lighthouse. Ancient Hellenes had, presumably, built a numerous lighthouses on the island of Hvar in order to successfully guide their ships towards the colonies on the Adriatic Sea. In the History Of Town Hvar the Romans, Venice and the others rulers and authorities have come later.

Hvar theatre

Hvar theatre is one of the oldest surviving theatre in Europe which was built in 1612 on the upper floor of the Arsenal building. Theatre was, besides the theatres in Italian towns Vicenza and Sabbionetti, one of the oldest theatre in the Europe of that time. Capacity of the theatre was 350 seats on ground floor and the gallery on the first floor

Hvar Fortress

Another fascinating feature is the Hvar Fortress, situated on a hill above the town. It was built at the beginning of the 16th century, during the Venetian rule, and its purpose was to protect and give the shelter the inhabitants from pirates, Turkish fleets, and other attackers. Hvar Fortress is today the tourist attraction because of its history and the beautiful sight from the hill.

Petar Hektorovic palace

It is also important to mention the famous Petar Hektorovic Palace in the town of Hvar. Petar Hektorovic Palace is one of the most magnificent examples of late Gothic architecture style in the year 1463. Famous writer Petar Hektorovic ( 1487-1572 ) was born here in the aristocratic family, but unfortunately this palace has been never finished.

Hvar lace

One of the most popular souvenirs of the island of Hvar is the famous Hvar lace. It is a distinctive type of lace made from threads of agave leaves, not older the 3 years. It is made exclusively by the nuns of the Benedictine convent located in the town of Hvar. It is supposed that this tradition 120 years old, is brought from the Canary islands.

International festival of radio plays and documentary radio dramas

Town Hvar in Croatia is also home to the International Festival Of Radio Plays And Documentary Radio Dramas which is held annually in the month of May. An international jury hands out the Prix Marulic award in three categories: Drama, Documentary, and Short Forms.

Hvar tourist town

Hvar tourist town is worldwide known destination for its beauty, long history, Pakleni islands and the top tourist offer.Trading company Suncani Hvar, which comprises nine hotels (three to five-stars categories and other attractions), offers first-rate relaxation and recreation to all guests and tourists who choose Town Hvar in Croatia as their holiday destination. Worldwide known destination which attracts numerous tourists from all the world. Its rich history, beautiful nature, Pakleni islands and the top tourist offer attract many guests and passengers. To meet this large demand, hosts had to build numerous hotels, villas, vacation houses, apartments and the restaurants with the Hvar specialties. Interestingly, one of the first world's tourist association was founded in Hvar in 1868.

Arsenal building

Arsenal building was built in the 17th century for the purpose of the repair of the Town Hvar battle ships. That fleet was made of pine trees wood, so repair had to be done very often. Arsenal Building was built near the sea with the sliding platform, which enabled the drawing out or sinking the ships into the sea. Arsenal Building also kept the munition and all ship equipment needed.

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