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Diving on shipwrecks in Dalmatia

Special type of tourism represents diving on shipwrecks in Dalmatia. Those are usually tourists and guests who love Adriatic ses, wealth of flora and fauna on sea bottom and sightseeing of shipwrecks from recent and more distant history. To enable tourists diving on shipwrecks in Dalmatia, many Diving Centers have been established in towns: Trogir, Kastel Stari, Split, Omis, Mimice, Milna, Stomorska, Sumartin, Bol, Lokva Rogoznica, Makarska, Brela, Baska Voda, Tucepi, Hvar, Podgora, Stari Grad, Jelsa, Vis i Komiza. These Diving Centers have all equipment needed and professional staff who train young and experienced divers, who will as tourists or members dive organized in group at spot which is attractive for sightseeing of undersea life or diving on shipwrecks in Dalmatia. Through history, Adriatic sea was important center of maritime routes of numerous fishing, antique, merchant, passenger and warships. For many wars in history, large storms, stranding on reefs and other reasons, many ships have been sunk along coast or islands.

There are many Sunk Antique Ships on Adriatic sea which have suffered disaster at their navigation routes from maritime towns of roman empire to important ports near imperial capital of Rome. Those were usually war or merchant galleys with sails and paddles in one or more rows which have transported soldiers, passengers, amphoraes, spices and other different cargos. For warfare or storms, many galleys have been sunk near islands Vis, Hvar, Brac and Solta.

Near coast of mainland and islands there are many sunk merchant ships which have been damaged for storms or warfares. Through history of Dalmatia there are many famous wooden cargo ships: Gajeta, bracera, leut, falkusa, trabakul, galijun and karaka, who have been transporting cargo and passengers along coast or islands for very long time. Later, these wooden ships, steel ships have been replaced them because they have longer lifespan and larger shipping capacity. Many of them have suffered breakdown and became sunk merchant ships in Dalmatia.

On Adriatic sea there are also passenger ships which have been destroyed during wars or storms. After that great human tragedy occurs for death of many people. Through history, those passenger ships have transported passengers along Adriatic coast and islands and maintained shipping routes so they could enable journey of all inhabitants in Dalmatia. Sunk Passenger Ships are interesting for tourists divers.

Sunk warships are specially interesting for tourists divers because those shipwrecks show what type of ship is about and what weapons they have. Through history, for control of Adriatic sea in Dalmatia, many naval battles have been fought and as result of that, many ships have been sunk. Such cases were along coast and islands Vis and Hvar.

On sea bottom there are numerous Sunk Fishing Boats which have been sunk during large storms because they are smaller in size from other ships. Search for fish, these smaller ships have been taken to distant islands of Adriatic sea, and since sea is unpredictable, very often in arrival or departure, they have been caught by storms. Their wooden remains on sea bottom are interesting for tourists divers for sightseeing because there are many types of fishing boats.

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