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Island Solta

The island of Solta is known for its beautiful scenery, peace and serenity among the nature which attracts numerous tourists and visitors. Its coves attract the residents of the town of Split who enjoy resting and bathing in the clear sea. The Island Solta is an island in central Dalmatia located near the towns of Split and Trogir. Its area is 52 km2 which has a population of 1,500. The administrative center of the island of Solta is the town of Grohote. Other prominent localities on the island of Solta are Maslinica (a cove with seven islands), Rogac, Necujam, Stomorska and Gornje Selo.

History of island Solta

The recorded History Of Island Solta dates back to the 4th century when the Illyrians inhabited this area. Greeks named it Olyntha, meaning 'green fig', probably because of numerous fig trees they saw when they came to colonize the island. Upon the arrival of the Romans, the name of the island was changed to Solenta. The island was a favorite destination of numerous Croatian poets, most notably Marko Marulic from Split and Petar Hektorovic from the island of Hvar, who have come to Solta to enjoy its peace and serenity, beautiful scenery and good cuisine. Solta served as an inspiration for the creation of some of their most famous literary works. History Of Island Solta is recording many rulers and administrations, governed the island of Solta and left their indelible marks, some of which are numerous villae rusticae, the remains of the early Christian churches, and ancient walls. In 1706 a well-known castle of the Marchi family, was built in the cove of Maslinica, and nowadays it serves as a tourist attraction. Another interesting fact about the island of Solta is, that in the 4th century, Roman Emperor Diocletian used a small cove near Necujam as his fishery. The remains of the fishery can still be seen under the sea.

Island Mrduja rope pulling

A funny attraction is the annual manifestation called island Mrduja rope pulling. Both the island of Solta and the island of Brac, lay historical claim on the property of the Mrduja island. To settle this dispute, the representatives of both islands use their boats to pull the rope tied to either side of the island and, therefore, bring the islet of Mrduja closer to Brac or Solta. The winners of this friendly contest in 2010 were the representatives of the island of Brac.


Solta is a little island near the Split town, known after the pure nature, clear sea, and the beautiful beaches. Solta is connected with the mainland by the ferry line Split-Rogac, so the guests can reach here quickly, and enjoy the reach tourist offer. The inhabitants have been built the hotels, villas, restaurants and apartments in Solta, so they could meet the tourist demand.

Island Solta tourist destination

Island Solta tourist destination is attractive island for many guests and tourists who like to rest and enjoy the untouched nature and the clear sea. Island Solta Tourist Destination has enother advantage of being in the vicinity to the mainland. The ferry boat line SplitRogac enable to anyone to reach the Island Solta tourist destination. Domestic dalmatian dishes and wine attract anyone who likes to be in the Dalmatia with the pleasant climate and the beautiful nature.



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Island Solta

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Island Solta

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