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Town Necujam

The town Necujam is situated in the biggest Solta island bay. It is assumed, that it got its name due to the peace and quietness that is present in this part of island. The Town Necujam is known after this small bay which was a fish-pond, named Piskera,also known as Roman Emperor Diocletian fish-pond, and the stay of 2 Croatian poets, Marko Marulicand and Petar Hektorovic.


Necujam is old tourist destination on this island and has started to progress after the building of hotels and country houses. Necujam has the long tradition in tourism. The settlement Necujam has arisen after the danger of the pirates attacks have ceased, and the the inhabitants from the central part of Solta island have descended to the coast. Necujam is today a modern town with the developed tourism, trade and fishing.

Emperor Diocletian fish-pond

It is known, that in the 4th century B.C the Emperor Diocletia fish-pond has been built. His constructors have used this small bay for the building of his fish-pond , called Piskera, to provide the palace in town Split, the fresh fish. His fleet should has caught the fish in the sea, and all the surplus, should be left in this stone fish-pond. In addition, he even built the therms to enjoy the swimming and the wonderful nature after fulfilling his numerous obligations and back home in his palace in town Split. Besides the fish, from the emperor Diocletian fish-pond, they have taken by the Emperor's boats, on their way back, many other agricultural products, fruits and vegetables, needed for his large family and the Palace personnel.

Croatian poets

Due to the peace and quietness in Necujam bay and settlement, famous Croatian poets, Marko Marulic and Petar Hektorovic have been abiding here, and during their stay in Necujam town, they have written their best literature parts. Petar Hektorović should has come here from the town Stari grad on the island Hvar, and Marko Marulić from the town Split. Both the Croatian poets have found here the silence and beautiful nature, needed for them to write their best literature parts.

Necujam tourist town

Necujam tourist town is situated in the nothern part of the Solta island, known after the beautiful nature and silence. For the large interest of the tourists and guests, the famous apartments village in Necujam, villas, vacatation houses, apartments and the restaurants have been built. Necujam Tourist Town is known after its apartments village with overall 39 apartments, of which, the yellow building has 20 apartmenets, white building-Mars has 8 apartments and the white building-Pluton has 11 apartments. Necujam Tourist Town has a good tourist offer, which objects have been built in the pine trees forest and near the sea.

History of town Necujam

Although, there are in the history of Town Necujam some evidence of existence the romans from the ancient time, Necujam is of more recent era. In fact, the History Of Town Necujam has started with the building of the country houses of the inhabitants of town Split in this beautiful bay in the Middle age. Today History Of Town Necujam is connected with the tourism, trade and the transport.

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