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Town Murvica.

The town of Murvica is a little town on the southern part of the Brac island. In its history, it was known for the caves and the hermitages in the rocks, where many hermits have been residing. Town Murvica is a small town situated in the rich pine trees forest and near the beautiful pebbles beaches.


Murvica is little seaside settlement on the southern part of the island of Brac, nearby the famous town of Bol. Murvica has the beautiful surroundings of forests and the dalmatian coast. Murvica is situated under the rocks of the mountain Vidova gora ( 778 metres ) .Murvica inhabitants are dealing with tourism and fishing.

History of town Murvica

In the History Of Town Murvica it has been mentioned for the first time in the 13th century. After the dragon caves have been discovered by the locals and hermits, they have started to come here and spend the solitary life in the caves, high in the rocks. These rocks are the slopes of the mountain Vidova gora (778 m), which is steeply descending to the sea. In the history of town Murvica, the first arrivals have realized, that these steep rocks provide them a safety, so they started to build the stone houses near the sea. In the Middle age, in Town Murvica only hermits and the local residents have lived here.

Hermits caves

After the hermits caves, called dragon caves, have been descovered in the 13th century by the travellers and local inhabitants, many hermits have been coming here. The hermits caves, which were located high in the rocks over the settlement of Murvica, have provided them the solitary life. Such a ascetic life, have provided them a peace, penitence and the spiritual purification for the life on the earth. Hermits Caves were the places where they have been living for years. The local inhabitants have provided them the basic food : Bread, water, fish, fruits and the vegetables, climbing to the Hermits Caves every day. No other food was alloved. In return the hermits have been praying for them.

Murvica tourist town

Murvica tourist town is a small settlement on the southern part of Brac island, near the famou town of Bol. Murvica Tourist Town has wonderful wild beaches,clear sea and good dalmatian dishes, therefore many tourist are coming here, from the nearby town of Bol. Murvica Tourist Town have all needed tourist objects.

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