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Town Milna

The town of Milna is situated in the protected bay, and surrounded by the rich forest and many coves of the Brac island. It is known for its famous marina, Mrduja sailing boats regatta, and the Island Mrduja Rope Pulling The town of Milna is famous seaside settlement which is located in the protected bay on the western part of the island of Brac.

Island Mrduja rope pulling

In front of the town Milna, there is a little island of Mrduja, which is known for two interesting things. Every year,during the high season, in the August, the island Mrduja rope pulling, between two teams from the islands of Brac and Solta, is taking place. It has allegedly, the funny and tourists background, because they could not agree about the ownership. The winner of the Island Mrduja Rope Pulling is entitled to be the owner of the island for that year. Is is very funny to see these competitors who are trying to pull the island Mrduje to their side and become the owner.

Mrduja sailing boats regatta

The second interesting thing near the town Milna, is Mrduja Sailing Boats Regatta with the numerous sailing boats and vessels. The start line and the finish, is in front of the rocks of Sustipan, to the island of Mrduja, 11 nm far off, and return with the same route back. Mrduja Sailing Boats Regatta usually attracts about 200 – 300 competitors, and the winner win within 2 hours and 15 minutes to 2 hours and 40 minutes. Is very interenting to see these beauties catching the wind and sailing on the blue sea.

History of town Milna

In the history of town Milna, it was mentioned for the first time in the year 1519. after the church of Saint Maria and the castle of family Cerinić from the town Split, have been built. Later in the history of town Milna, this little village has been expanding by the refugees from the Bosnia, running away from the turkish army, and many people from the mainland who wanted to build the country houses on the Brac island. In the history of town Milna, in the year 1806. after the victory over the French navy of the marshal Marmont, in Milna bay, the imperial Russia have built its naval port, so could control the maritime traffic in this part of the Adriatic sea. After that, many rulers and authorities have been changed. Today a town Milna is a modern settlement which is dealing with the tourissm, trade, agriculture and the transport.

Milna tourist town

Milna tourist town is situated in the protected cove on the western part of the Brac island. It is famous after its marina, Mrduja island and the beautiful nature. A large number of the sailors and tourists are coming here to enjoy this town. Therefore, Milna Tourist Town had to build the marina, hotels, villas, apartments and the restaurants. The town has the large marina,beautiful beaches,clean sea and good dalmatian dishes. During the tourist season, many guests and owners of the sailing vessels come to this beautiful Milna tourist town.


Milna is famous tourist town situated in the beautiful cove on the western part of the Brac island. Because it is located on the very important maritime routs in the Brac channel, Town Milna had allway the large significance. Even to the year 1982. Milna had the ferry boat line from the town Split, till the town Supetar hasn't taken over this traffic line. Town Milna has built very important marina for the yachts and vessels because it enhance the tourist turnover to the benefit of the local inhabitants and town.

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