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Rope pulling of the island Mrduja, town of Milna

The little island of Mrduja, which is situated between the islands of Solta and Brac,was through the history a reason for the quarrel about the ownership of this little island in the channel. Because, the inhabitants of both islands like a joke, this argue has been turned into the traditional rope pulling, with only one aim, to draw this little island closer to their side. In the year 2010. both sides have agreed upon the rope pulling, in the August, on the land and sea.

On the sea, on the island Solta side 175 boats were ready, and the same number on the island Brac side. They streched the long rope, which has been cought by all crew members in the boats. The court of honour was checking the point of the rope centre and its streching. At 6 pm sharp, the gun from the island of Mrduja has fired, and thereby gave the signal to the judges for the start of the 15 minutes rope pulling. All the passengers in the boats gave their best, to move the island of Mrduja to their side. Everything has happend at that moment, falling down in the boats,smile,humour,interruptions and funny movements. After the 15 minutes have passed, the gun fired again, and the Rope Pulling has ceased. The court of honour has approached to the Rope again to find out how much the centre has been mooved from the central buoy to some direction. This time, the island of Brac won.

The celebration hasn't ended that night. The hosts on both sides, in the town of Stomorska on the island of Solta, and in the town of Milna on the island of Brac, have repaid to all of the participansts with the rich dinner and entertainment. It has been celebrating all the night long. There was a special event related to the reporters, who wanted to contribute to this celebration. Two teams of the reporters were also competing in the Rope pulling. This time, the team from the island of Solta won, so they repaid the defeat on the sea. The host has baked the big fancy cake in a shape of Island Mrduja and distributed to all of the visitors.

How interesting this show was, proves the fact, that there were many representatives of the: Slobodna dalmacija news,Croatian national TV,TV and radio Dalmacija, Megamix Radio Hvar, TV Jadran, many local reporters,guests and tourists. All of them were delighted about this interesting Rope Pulling of the Island of Mrduja. Such an event doesn't exist anywhere in the Mediterranean. This show is compoment part of the tourist offer of the islands Solta and Brac.

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