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Town Supetar

The town Supetar is the most famous port on the island of Brac, because of its large traffic of the passengers, cars and trucks during the tourists season. The town Supetar is for itself a desirable destination for every guest or tourist. The town Supetar is the largest town and the port on the island Brac and is close connected to the town Split.

Transit port

Because of the large traffic of the goods, trucks, cars, guests, travellers and the tourists, it has become the large Transit Port The Town Supetar has 2.500 inhabitants,numerous tourist objects,beautiful bays and beaches. During the high season, the number of the inhabitants increases even to 10.000, so, a capacity of the Transit Port is very important. In the year 2010. about 1.530.000 passengers and 314.200 vehicles have been transported from the port Split to the islands. The majority was relatated to the port Supetar. Therefore, the good organization and numerous services are needed to meet the large demand and provide the offer of the top accommodation and entertainment.

History of town Supetar

In the history of town Supetar, under this name,the town has been mentioned for the first time in the year 1423. after the church Saint Peter, which was built in the centre of the town. History of town Supetar is very long and dates from the antique times. Many authorities have been changed and left many tracks to the culture,architecture, economy, marine and the traffic.

Supetar tourist town

Supetar tourist town is desirable destination which has developed economy and tourism.to provide the development for itself. Supetar Tourist Town has good offer consisted of many hotels, villas, vacation houses, apartments and restaurants with the delicious dalmatians dishes and wine. Frequent ferry boat line Split-Supetar provides the numerous passengers, guests and the tourist who want to rest on this beautiful island. on the pebbles beaches and in the pine trees forest.


Supetar is the largest town on Brac island, through which, the busiest ferry line Split-Supetar is proceeding. In Supetar comes the large number of the passengers, guests and tourists who are going to the different destination on the island. Supetar is one of the most important destination in the Republic of Croatia and Dalmatia. Famous sculptor Ivan Rendić ( 1849-1932 ) was born in town Supetar.

St. Petar church

Saint Petar church has been built in the year 1423. in a cove of present town Supetar. Arround this little church, the stone houses have started to build. So, the settlement has started to widen arround this object. After Saint Petar church, the Town Supetar has got its name. Today, there are little remains of this church.

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