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Town Sumartin

The town Sumartin is situated in the far Eastern part of the island of Brac and near the important maritime route of the Brac channel. The oldest shipyard in the Adriatic sea has been built right in this town The ferry line Makarska-Sumartin means a lot to the inhabitants of town Sumartin, which increases the tourist turnover of both towns. Today's inhabitants of Town Sumartin are dealing in the tourism, trade and the transport.

Ferry line

The town of Sumartin is the youngest seaside settlement in the eastern part of the island of Brac. By the ferry line it is connected with the town of Makarska. Through this line of 5 nm, many goods, trucks, cars and passengers can transfer from the coast to the Brac island, needed for the growing number of guests during the tourist season. Besides of that, it means a lot for the tourist turnover of the both towns.

History of town Sumartin

In the history of town Sumartin, the first immigrants have been the regugees from the Makarska seaside, who have running away from the Turkish army during the 17th century. Therefore it has been named as Vrhbrac-Topbrac. After their arrival here, they started to deal with fishing, trade and agriculture. Later in the history of town Sumartin, the residents started to deal in tourism. Many guests and tourist are coming here for the beautiful unspoilt beaches and clear sea. These modern tourists can now injoy the swimming and walking.

Sumartin tourist town

Sumartin tourist town is famous destination for many guests and the tourists who are coming here from the island Brac or by the ferry boat Makarska-Sumartin. Sumartin Tourist Town offers the good dalmatian dishes and private accommodation. Sumartin Tourist Town will meet any wish of the tourists and guests who are coming to this picturesque town.


Sumartin is a nice seaside town, located on the eastern part of the Brac island. It is connected with the mainland by the ferry line Makarska - Sumartin, so many tourists are coming here. Therefore many apartments, villas and restaurants have been built here. Today's Sumartin is dealing with tourism, trade and the transport.

Shipyard Sumartin

Since the Town Sumartin was located on the busy coastal maritime route in its history, the inhabitants have built the oldest shipyard in the 19th century , so they could build and repair the old wooden ships, which have been transporting the wine, olive oil, crops and the merchandise. It was a sight to see those beauties like: Gajeta, Galija, Leut, Trabakul, Pasara, Bracera and the other old wooden ships when they sail on the Adriatic sea. The modern ships and the shipyards have deleted this old Shipyard Sumartin for the wooden ships.



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