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Town Sucuraj

The town Sucuraj has a long and rich history dating back to the 4th century BC when an Illyrian tribe has settled in this area. Because of its convenient strategic position, Sucuraj was governed by numerous rulers and authorities. Its position in the Hvar channel was significant in its history and has enabled the prosperity to the local residents. Today's Town Sucuraj is a moder town which is dealing in tourism, trade and the transport


. Today's Sucuraj is a modern tourist destination with a population of approximately 500. Its main assets are first-class tourist attractions, management and numerous archaeological monuments. A ferry line between Sucuraj and Drvenik connects the town with the mainland. During the summer countless tourists visit this well-known town and enjoy swimming in the unpolluted sea, sunbathing on beautiful beaches, and relish the lovely scenery of its coves.

History of town Sucuraj

The History Of Town Sucuraj can be traced as far back as the 4th century BC when an Illyrian tribe by the name of Ardiaei settled around the mouth of the River Neretva and on what is today known as Riviera Makarska. The Ardiaei were notorious warriors who, upon reaching the coast, mastered the art of seamanship and became pirates. In the History Of Town Sucuraj their targets were at first Greek and later the Roman ships. The evidence of their attacks, such as numerous amphorae and other goods which were transported over the Adriatic, lies at the bottom of the sea. In order to take full advantage of the convenient strategic position of the town of Sucuraj, the Ardiaei decided to inhabit the territory, and they subsequently built a tower to control the maritime passages. Outside of the city was a large fertile field that serfs cultivated while warriors fought in wars. In the history of town Sucuraj, during the mid-3rd century BC, King Agron, the ruler of the Ardiaei, managed to unite several Illyrian tribes, which expanded the boarders of his kingdom from the area of today's Biograd all the way to the River Drin in present-day Albania. After this many rulers and authorities have changed. Today's inhabitants of Town Sucuraj are mostly dealing in tourism, trade and the transport.

Queen Teuta

After the death of king Agron, his wife, Queen Teuta, took charge of the kingdom. Queen Teuta presumably commenced the building of the town and the tower, but failed to finish it, because she was attacked by the Romans who destroyed both constructions. From that moment on, the Illyrians were forced to flee and colonise territories that were not controlled by the Romans. The war between the Romans and the Illyrian Queen Teuta lasted for a long period of time. In 153 BC, the Romans have finally defeated the Illyrians. The Queen Teuta managed to escape, and took refuge in Risan Fortress in today's Kotor Bay (Boka Kotorska). This marked the end of the Illyrian kingdom as its territory had been reduced to the area expanding from Kotor Bay to the mouth of the River Drin in Albania.

Sucuraj tourist town

Sucuraj tourist town is a little seaside town situated on the far eastern part of the Hvar island. It is connected with Drvenik town on the mainland by the ferry line, so many passengers, guests and the tourist are coming here. To provide good tourist offer, the inhabitants of Sucuraj Tourist Town have built a hotel, many villas, apartments and the restaurants. The guests and the tourist like to come here during their vacation.

Ferry line

Ferry line between the town Drvenik on the mainland and the Sucuraj on the far Eastern part of the Hvar island, shortens the trip from the Hvar island to the mainland considerably. The distance of 3 nm with the ferry boat, takes a short time, but it transports many vehicle, cars, passengers, guests and the tourists. No matter of being returning to the mainland or to the Hvar island for the tourist turnover, this ferry line Drvenik-Sucuraj means a lot.



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