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Town Makarska in Croatia

Town Makarska in Croatia is one of the top destination in the Republic of Croatia. It has numerous hotels, apartments, villas, camps and beautiful pebbles beaches. Its riviera is even 50 km long The town Makarska is today political, economic, cultural, educational and tourist center of the Riviera Makarska. Its name has got after the ancient settlement Makar, and has about 15.000 inhabitants. Town Makarska has the beach 2 km long, which is recognizable in all the folders, and to the majority of the holiday makers and travel agencies. Town Makarska In Croatia is situated under the bottom of the mountain Biokovo ( 1762 m ) which protects the town of the continental climate, and therefore has the pleasant mediterranean climate with 2750 sunny hours a year. Today town Makarska is modern perspective town.

Rewards in tourism

The town Makarska is the most popular tourist destination in Dalmatia. It has won several times and got many rewards in tourism, after the Vecernji list journalists patrol, among the 49 tourist resorts on the Adriatic coast, in 10 categories: Arrangement and clearness of the town, accommodation, restaurants offer, entertainment and night program, sports and recreational facilities, cultural programs, beaches arrangement and equipment, souvenirs and fostering of the authentic products, Internet offer, general impression and hospitality. These Rewards In Tourism mean a lot to Town Makarska in Croatia. It is about the standards needed for the top offer in the tourism. Of cause, these acknowledgments increase the touristic turnover.

Makarska tourist town

Riviera Makarska with its 50 km length, is the top destination, because of diversity of the tourist offer, vicinity of the mountain Biokovo and sea, fishing nights, summer carnival, football match between the fat and thin players, and the rich cultural program. Makarska tourist town has its harbor and ferry boat line to the town Sumartin on the island Brac. The regular ferry boat line additionally increases the tourist traffic in both towns. In the harbor, there is the marine for the numerous yachts, which come to this beautiful town. Today's Makarska tourist town is the big tourist center of Dalmatia province, which has the rich offer, numerous hotels, apartments, villas, restaurants, beautiful beaches and dense forests. Makarska tourist town and riviera is one of the most desirable world destination of the numerous guests and tourists which are coming from all over the Europe and world. Makarska Tourist Town is a seaside town which is located in the middle of its 60 km long riviera.

History of town Makarska

In this area, in history of town Makarska, the settlement Inariona has been mentioned for the first time, as the roman station near the coastal road from the town Salona to Narona ( today's towns of Solin and Metkovic ). In roman times, in history of town Makarska, it was named Mucurum, so it has got this name after it. Under the today's name Makarska, it was mentioned, for the first time in the year 1502. as the centre of the province of Nahia Primorje, as the component part of the Ottoman empire. Their representative had even, the Emin, the clerk who was keeping the records of the inhabitants, their properties, and collect the taxes. At that time, in the history of town Makarska, it had the harbor, through which, the large turnover of the commercial and agricultural products in all the directions on the land and sea, have been caring out.

Neretva principality

In the 7th century, the Croats have come and settled the area between the river Cetina and Neretva. The Byzantine emperor Konstantin Porfirogenet, called this land Pagania, and the inhabitants Arentans. Soon, this area has been proclaimed as Neretva Principality and had all the features of the provincial state: The prince, money, army, navy and mercantile fleet, seal and flag. In the 13th century, the Neretva Principality vanished for the numerous attacks of the Turkish army, and therefore has lost every features of this province. Many inhabitants have run away to the areas under the Venetian control.

Battle with Venetian navy

In the History Of Town Makarska in Croatia its strong navy have had a Battle With Venetian Navy in the year 887. and have even, conquered them, because they have come here to destroy the town Makarska. Therefore, they had to pay later on, the tax for the free voyage through the Neretva channel. After the destruction of the Principality in the 13th century, many armies and authorities were fighting for the predominance over this area. At the end, the town of Makarska has become the battle field between the Ottoman and Venetian armies.


In the history, town Makarska had the many authorities: Venetia, Frenchmen, Austria, Austro-Hungarien, and many others, have left the tracks to the Urban planning, construction, culture, art, language and the customs. During the Ottoman and Venetian authorities, the town Makarska was the important trade port, through which the trade of the wine, olive oil, shipbuilding timbers, agricultural products and cattle, has been carried out. Today Makarska is a modern town which is mostly dealing in tourism, trade, transport and economy.The Biokovo mountain, beautiful beaches, top offer and the reach cultural summer, attract numerous number of the passengers, guests and the tourists. Since the Makarska Tourist Town has the largest tourists turnover in the whole Dalmatia, the inhabitants had to build many tourist objects.



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