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Town Metkovic

The town of Metkovic is situated on the River Neretva banks and at the crossroads of numerous traveling routes. It is famous for its ornithological collection, boats marathon and the excursion tourism River Neretva gives the Town Metkovic beauty by its crystal blue color and numerous flora and fauna. Town Metkovic was the border between the seaside and the hinterland, and therefore it has benefited from the trade, taxes and the customs.

History of town Metkovic

In the History Of Town Metkovic it was mentioned for the first time in archives of the town of Dubrovnik, in the year 1422. Throughout the history of town Metkovic, it remained an important river port. It was inhabited for the first time by the Illyrians and later by the many rulers and authorities. In the mid-18th century, the town had approximately 400 residents who haved engaged in agriculture, animal breeding, hunting and fishing. In the history of town Metkovic, since it was considered an important crossroads and a center of the commercial routes and paths, in 1823, while it was governed by the Austrian Empire, it has become very important town and a port, which it has kept even today.

Fortress Narona

In ancient history, the Romans have built the Narona Fortress and settlement (near present-day Metkovic) in order to defend themselves from numerous attacks from the land and sea. Like the nearby town of Opuzen, Metkovic had its own emporium-harbor and market, where the locals traded with the people from the coast as well as from the mainland. Belligerent local inhabitants even charged the fees for free passage over the River Neretva. Through history, numerous rulers and administrations have governed in this area from the fortress Narona, like the Venetians, the French, and the Austrians who have being the most influential.


The town of Metkovic is situated on the banks of River Neretva and at crossroads of numerous routes and paths. Nowadays, Metkovic is a modern town and tourist destination which bases its economy on agriculture, fishing, transport and tourism. Numerous guests and tourists come to Metkovic to marvel at the beauty of the River Neretva, as well as to watch the traditional boats marathon and participate in festivities organized around that event. Metkovic is also an important destination for excursion tourism. The town Metkovic has the houses-museums with a large and rare ornithological collection, and has been awarded with the status of an ornithological and ichthyological reserve.

Metkovic tourist town

Metkovic tourist town is known after its long history, cross roads of many caravan and traffic routs, beautiful nature and the Neretva river. Metkovic Tourist Town offers the diversified tourist services, rural tourism, excursions, photo safari in the mouth of the Neretva river, boats marathon, museum, excursions on the Neretva river, domestic dishes, specialties and wines. Therefore, many guests and tourists are coming here, so Metkovic Tourist Town had to build many hotels, villas, apartments, camps and the restaurants with famous river specialties and the domestic wine.

River Neretva

River Neretva was very important to all the inhabitants ot town Metkovic. River Neretva has provided them fertile fields for the agriculture, possibility for trade and the trasport of the goods from seaside and hinterland,.and even some protection from the invaders. Today, the river Neretva, with its beauty, nature, flora and fauna, gives the huge possibilities for the tourism and transport of the town Metkovic.

Boats marathon

Boats marathon is the main event and the tourist attraction in this area. Boats Marathon 22,5 km long starts right here, in the town of Metkovic and finishes in town Ploce. Between 30 – 40 river boats, tipical for the area and with its specific construction, are competing by the paddling of the crew, made of 10 – 14 men. Boats Marathon attracts every year many guests, locals and the tourists, who are watching by the river banks.



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