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Town Krilo Jesenice

The town Krilo Jesenice is known for its boat owners and their luxury cruising and fish picnic fleets. In the past, inhabitants have been dealing in extraction of the sand from the sea bottom, for the construction industry needs. The town Krilo Jasenice, was situated on the edges of mountain Mosor peaks. The reason for that, was the constant attacks from the sea and land. Town Krilo Jesenice and its inhabitants were forced to move to mountain spots to provide their safety. They were mostly employed in agriculture and cattle keeping. Today, the town Krilo Jesenice is a modern settlement which is mostly dealing in tourism, traffic and trade.

Krilo Jesenice

Nowadays, Krilo Jesenice is a town mainly connected with tourism and boat cruising. Krilo Jesenice is known as the tourist destination with the largest number of the luxury charter boats on this side of the Adriatic sea. It is not surprising for the people of Krilo Jesenice, of being well known as the skillful sailors and naval officers. At the beginning their ships were mainly used for transport of cargo and sand, but as time passed, most of the boat owners turned them to the tourist boats. Today tourism is the main activity for all the Krilo Jesenice citizens. Their vessels cruise all over the Adriatic sea.

History of town Krilo Jesenice

History of Town Krilo Jesenice is very interesting. Different rulers Venice, France, Austro-Hungarian Empire and Poljica Republic exended influence over this area. The most flourishing era of Poljica Republic took place after Venice lost its power in 1797. Krilo Jesenice was the south boundary, as the port, through which the maritime trade was carring out. Later, the History Of Town Krilo Jesenice has taken the bad course. Unfortunately, the French invasion under Marshall Marmount destroyed all villages and inhabited villages under its rule. The surviving inhabitants moved to other locations or built new houses closer to the seaside.

Luxury cruising vessels harbour

The Town Krilo Jesenice is luxury cruising vessels harbour, when they are at the winter berth. There are about 130 vessels for the cruise and excursions, which are equipped to the top standards, related to the luxury vessels. Except the town Krilo Jesenice, they are moored in the towns of Drasnice and Sumpetar,during the winter. Luxury cruising vessels harbour is deserted, when the tourist season starts.

Krilo Jesenice tourist town

Krilo Jesenice tourist town is well known for its sand beaches, clear sea and the beautirul nature. Every summer, many guests and tourist are coming here to enjoy the vacatation. Krilo Jesenice Tourist Town has a good tourtist offer through the sufficient hotels, villas, vacation houses, apartments and restaurants with dalmatian dishes and a good wine.



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Krilo Jesenice
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