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Town Basko polje

Town Basko polje is a destination on the Riviera Makarska, known after its camp in the large pine trees forest and the beautiful pebbles beach. Exactly, in this area, because of the spacious plain, nearby the seaside, the Camp Basko Polje has been built. Town Basko Polje is desirable tourist destination.

Basko polje

Settlement Basko polje is located on the spacious plain with large pine trees forest, under the Biokovo mountain bottom. It is situated in the vicinity of the town Baska voda, 8 km far off the Makarska town, and it is the component part of its riviera. Basko polje is desirable destination for all the motorized tourists who love to abide in the nature among the pine trees forest, and near the cleart sea.

Camp Basko polje

Camp Basko polje has been built exactly on this spot, because of the spacious pine trees forest and the beautiful pebbles beach in its vicinity. With its 738 camp spots and 17 bungalows, it is the largest camp in the Dalmatia, in front of the camp -Sea gull- Omis, with 600, and camp Stobrec with 400 camp spots. Camp Basko Polje is situated in the spacious pine trees forest, which during the summer and their vacation, provides the campers needed shade. In its vicinity there is the hotel in Basko Polje -Alem- and the Baska voda town. The Basko Polje camp beneficieries have at their disposal many contents: The main restaurant, the live music on the hotel terrace and the beach restaurant. Within the bungalows village -Tereza-, there are: Self service shop, green market, bakary, sports facilities for the basket ball, football, bowling lanes, restaurant, exchange office, reception desk, post office, info service, parking, recreation and the table tennis. For its spaciousness and numerous contents, many tourists and guests are coming gladly to the camp Basko polje.

Basko polje tourist town

Basko polje tourist town is known destination for all the motorized tourists who are coming here with their cars and plan to rest in the camp among the pine trees forest, and near the clear sea. Basko Polje Tourist Town is desirable because of its good offer in the very camp.

History of town Basko polje

History of Town Basko Polje is of the latest date, because at this spot in the large pine trees forest, a little settlement has been built. Inhabitants of this little settlement are mostly dealing in tourism and trade.



Camp Basko polje
Basko Polje
Riviera Makarska

Hotel Alem
Basko Polje
Riviera Makarska

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