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Town Opuzen

The town Opuzen is situated in the delta of the River Neretva, upstream from the mouth of the river. Through its history, it was known as an island with the emporium-harbour and a market, commercially connected to both mainland and coast Today Town Opuzen is developing on tourism, transport, fishing industry and agriculture.

History of town Opuzen

In the history of town Opuzen, it was mentioned for the first time in the year 1442. as the settlement near the Neretva river. Opuzen was named after its fortress, Fort Opus, which was built in 1684 by Venetians who used it as protection against the attacks by the Turkish army and the pirates. During the later history of town Opuzen, another theory attributes the name of Opuzen to the island at the centre because the island was very hard to access, thus the locals named it Opuzina or Opuz, denoting slippery soil.

Neretva river

The town of Opuzen is situated in the fertile delta of the Neretva river which, in addition to the mild Mediterranean climate, contributes to the development of agriculture. During the history of the town of Opuzen it was related to the beginnings of the Republic of Dubrovnik and the Neretva river, and it is first described as an island containing the emporium-harbour and a market where locals traded in salt and other goods. By making use of numerous caravan and commercial paths and roads, as well as their unique 'Neretva boats' the residents of Opuzen managed to expand their commerce to mainland and the coast. Records show that, at that time, customs and public security services were already established. Neretva river means a lot to the Opuzen inhabitants, fish, fertile fields, transport and tourism.

Photo safari

Photo safari tour in the delta of the River Neretva is very interesting for many tourists. Its delta has been made by alluvial floods in the area of 12.000 hectares and created the magic world with green nature, birds and the crystal clear blue river. The canes on the Neretva River banks create the beautiful environment for the birds and fish. The tourists who are driving with boats, have opportunity to catch this world with their cameras and admire to all that they have seen.

Boats marathon

The boats marathon on the Neretva River is famous tourist attraction. Boats marathon, as the race is taking place once a year at the begining the August, on the route of 22.500 metres long. The race begins at 17 h under the bridge of Metkovic town, and the finish is in town of Ploce. How important this boats marathon is, proves the fact that it is treated as the tourist attraction and the spectacle with taping and tranmitting over the national TV and radio. During the Boats Marathon 2010th year, 33 boats with the crew of 12 – 18 members have been signed up fot the race.Usually the Boats Marathon lasts for the winner from 2 hours and 5 minutes to 2 hours and 20 minutes.The winning crew gets the gold medals, temporary shield of prince Domagoj 27 kg of weight, the smaller shield to the permanent property and the money prize.


The Town Opuzen is situated on the bank of the River Neretva, some 12 km upstream of the mouth of the river. Opuzen is a town situated on the mouth of the Neretva river, known for its long history, river and maritime transport, fishing industry, intensive agriculture and a good tourist offer. Famous Neretva boats are used by inhabitants of Opuzen for many purposes : Going to the field, transport, traffic and bringing all the needed stuffs.

Opuzen tourist town

Nowadays, Opuzen tourist town is a modern town and bases its economy on the development of tourism and agriculture. Numerous guests visit this tourist destination every year in order to observe the famous Neretva Regatta and participate into the Photo Safari on the Neretva river. Opuzen Tourist Town is located near the important road to the town od Dubrovnik, so many passengers, guests and tourists are passing through, or stay here to rest and taste the local specialties and wines. Therefore, the Opuzen Tourist Town had to built many hotels, villas, apartments and restaurants with the dalmatian specialties.

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