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Olive trees harvest and the fruit picking

To enrich the offer and extend the tourist season, dalmatian towns have lately undertaken the actions at the tourist fairs throuh the marketing service, about the excursions in post season, in the period from month September to December, for the vintage,harverst and picking of the: Olive trees,grapes, tangerines, oranges,kiwi,lemon,grapefruit,kaki apples and the other kinds of fruit. This lately service, the tourists have accepted gladly,because this is something new and interesting to them.They change their dwelling places and travel to the warmer regions,stay in the nature and clean air, and pick the fruit which is unknown in their region. Shortly after that, they learn how to pick and enjoy between the fruit tries and beautiful sight at the blue sea and the coves. In the evening,after the job is done, organizer take care of entertainment and good food with excellent dalmatian wines.

To advertise this kind od tourist offer, international presentations of olive trees growers and olive oil producers in hotel Ilirija in the town of Biograd, and in the hotel Zagreb Duilovo, have taken place. There were about 1000 Olive Trees growers, and have been shared about 650 medals for the oils quality and Olive Trees fields in different categories.

Specially is interesting vintage on the islands of Hvar and Brac in the month of September.At that time, the tourist season is in progress, so there was no problem for organizers to enrich the tourist service with a trip to the vineyards and nature to pick the Grapes in the stingy Dalmatia karst. Friendship,gathering and entertainment after the done work, is something that guests and tourists specially appreciate and are gladly coming back to those towns and islands.

The fertile delta of the river Neretva is ideal spot for the organization of picking the grapes,kiwi, tangerines,oranges,lemon,grapefruit,kaki apples and the other fruit. The tourist board of the town Opuzen has organized the Tangerines picking in the fertile fields by the river Neretva channels and backwaters. It has been arranged the program of 1-3 days' trip, which covered the stay in hotel Merlot, photo safari,voyage with the ships, which local inhabitants use for the agricultural field jobs. Guests and tourist can really enjoy during their stay in nature. After the job is done, the fruit pickers were rewarded with 5 kilograms of fruit,fish picnic and evening entertainment. Every year, the number of tourists interested for the fruit picking in the period of the Octobar to December, is increasing because of its atractiveness.

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