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Town Brist

The Town Brist is one of the southmost settlement of the Riviera Makarska, which is situatee under the Biokovo mountain. It is known after the clear sea and beautiful pebbles beaches. Toen Brist is located on the main roads to South or North, so many passangers and tourists are coming here.

History of town Brist

The town of Brist is situated on the southern part of the Riviera Makarska, under the bottom of the famous Biokovo mountain. History Of Town Brist is long. The old settlement was located on the Biokovo mountain slopes, far off the sea, because of the often attacks the numerous conquerors from the land and the pirates from the sea. The first proofs about the stay of the inhbitants in this area, date from the 16th century, when the inscription and mark of the year 1571. on the sarcophagus, have been discovered accidentally. In history of Town Brist it has got Its name after the trees Brijest (Elm tree), which were growing here. This old settlement was left at the end of the 19th century, when the danger of the attacks has ceased. Later in the History Of Town Brist the inhabitants have mooved to the seaside for better and safer life from the dealing with trade, fishing industry and agriculture on the neighbouring fertile fields.

Poet Andrija Kacic Miosic

Our famous writer and Poet Andrija Kacic Miosic ( 1704-1760 ) was born in this little town Brist. He has written the famous work -The pleasant conversation of the Slavic people- in the croatian language. The use of the croatian language at that time was very important for the local inhabitants and their culture.


Brist is a little tourist resort known after its history, the clear sea and the pebbles beaches. Brist is situated under the bottom of the Biokovo mountain and near the main roads, so many guests and tourists are coming here. Brist has got its name after the trees Brist (Elm tree) which were growing here. Rich forest gives the needed shade during the hot tourist season in Brist.

Brist tourist town

Brist is a small seaside town on the south of the Riviera Makarska, known for its beautiful beaches and the nature. Because of a vicinity of the main roads, here are coming many guests and the tourists. Therefore the Brist Tourist Town had to built many villas, apartments and restaurants. Brist is lovely town, so everyone who comes here will be delighted about the nature and the tourist offer.



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