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Town Baska voda

The Town Baska Voda is beautiful resort under the bottom of the mountain Biokovo. It is known for its deep history, lovely beaches, pine trees forests and rich tourist offer. In this area, the ancient Illyrians and Romans have lived. So no wonder that tourists and guests are coming here. The Town Baska Voda is beautiful seaside resort on the Riviera Makarska, known for its rich tourist offer, numerous hotels, apartments, and its ancient history.

History of town Baska voda

In the history of town Baska voda, the first proofs of settlement in this area are dating from the bronze age ( 1700-1500 BC ). Later, the ancient Illyrians and Romans have lived in this area, and fortified in the village Bast on the hill of Gradina, after which, the town has been named. In the history of town Baska voda, for the constant attacks of the barbarians and pirates, they had to fortify and closed the settlement with the high walls. In the 7. century, the Croats have come in this area and built their settlement. In the later history of town Baska voda, when the attacks have ceased, the inhabitants have come down to the sea, and started to deal with the fishing industry, trade and marine. Because of the vicinity of the maritime routs and merchandising, in the year 1912. the marine port has been built.

Hotel Slavija

Because of the pleasant mediterranean climate, beautiful nature and beaches, in the year 1930. the oldest hotel -Slavija-on the Riviera Makarska has been built. After the Adriatic highway has been built in the year 1966. the town of Baska voda has gained in importance, and started its rapid tourist growth. The old Hotel Slavija proves that Baska voda was the first choise of building it right here. It is now modern hotel in the very down town. Ancient the year 1936. in London, the Hotel Slavija has got a reward and the golden medal for its services, kitchen and wine.

Baska voda

Baska voda is today modern settlement with the numerous hotels, apartments, villas and camps. It is one of the most visited tourist resorts in the Dalmatia, with the large number of the guests and tourists during the summer. Baska Voda is famous tourist destination for its top offer and services. Inhabitants in Baska Voda are mostly dealing in tourism, trade, transport and fishing.

Baska voda tourist town

Baska voda tourist town is the largest and most important tourist town and destination for numerous tourists and guests who are coming to Riviera Makarska. There are many tourist objects which can accomodate all the guests who are keen on vacation and entertainment in this nice town. Beautiful nature, beaches and the top offer attract many tourists. Therefore, Baska Voda Tourist Town had to build numerous hotels, villas, vacation houses, apartments and restaurants.



Apartment Gradina
Baska Voda
Riviera Makarska

Holiday home Villa Verica
Baska Voda
Riviera Makarska

Hotel Pansion Ivana
Baska Voda
Riviera Makarska

Restaurant Palac
Baska Voda
Riviera Makarska

Villa Villa Verica
Baska Voda
Riviera Makarska

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