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Town Brela

Town of Brela is situated under the bottom of the mountain Biokovo and is famous for its water springs, beautiful beaches and the pine trees forests. For the town and its inhabitants, the tourism is the main business Town Brela has got its name after the Water Springs on the land and under the sea. The town Brela is famous tourist destination of the Riviera Makarska. It is situated on the coast, along the beaches and under the bottom of the mountain Biokovo.

Water springs

Town Brela has got its name after the land and undersea water springs. It is supposed, that it is about the underground river Cetina water flows, which have broken through the karst terrain of the mountain Biokovo. It is very interesting, to see the spring and the mixing of the water and the sea, on the sea bottom.These Water Springs were very important in the history of the town Brela, beacuse they have provided the running water for the drink. It is also interesting to see how much this river water cools down the sea even to 10 oC.

Blue flag

The Blue Flag in tourism means the top arranged beach, environment and the clear sea . Three famous beaches of the town Brela: Punta rata, Berulia and Stomarica, have got the Blue Flag for its quality in the year 1999. and 2004. These 3 beaches have been inserted among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, by the Forbes magazine choice. For the tourism of the town Brela, it means a lot.

History of town Brela

In the history of town Brela, it was mentioned for the first time about the year 950. as Beloyllia. The croatian prince Juraj Subic from the town of Klis, has acknowledged the status of the town to the Omis commune, so on this ground it has spread rapidly. In this area, the people Dalmati have lived, who have worshiped the Silvanus the god of the cattle and wealth. He was in the same time their protector. In a history of Town Brela after them the Romans have come in this area. Later, many rulers and the goverments have changed, and all of them have left many tracks in the culture and the building. Today Brela is a modern town which is dealing mostly in the tourism, trade and the transport.

Neretva Principality

In the period of 7-11th century, Brela was the component part of the Neretva principality, as the fortified town. Neretva Principality exsisted in the area of present Middle and South Dalmatia. In the historic documents, in the croatian language, it was mentioned for the first time in the year 1694. as the settlement under the control of the Poljica Principality ( from 13-19. century). By the arrival of the Frenchmen in the province Dalmatia, many settlements, Dubrovnik and Poljica Principality, have vanished and lost the status and privileges, obtained before. After this, many authorities and conquerors, have changed.


Brela is today modern and famous resort, known for the beautiful pebbles beaches, top tourist offer, numerous objects, fishing nights and summer cultural program.In the tourist turnover, Brela participates a lot, because many guests and tourists are coming here in the worldwide known destination. Brela is attractive town to everyone who enjoy the beautiful nature and the famous beaches with the crystal clear sea.

Brela tourist town

Brela tourist town is situated in the northern part of the Riviera Makarska, and is known as a famous tourist destination. For its beauty, pure nature and its beaches, many tourists are coming here. The Biokovo mountain and arranged town attract many tourists, so the hosts have built many hotels, villas, vacation houses, apartments and restaurants. Brela Tourist Town is the top destination for its tourist offer and worldwide known beaches.



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