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Town Marina

Today, the town Marina is renowned for its tourism, agricultural goods, transport and commerce. Marina citadel is nowadays used as a four-star hotel, the primary impression of which is the stunning view of the town Marina, the harbor and the cove, from its top. Nearby facilities and landmarks of town Marina, attract a large number of tourists and guests every year.


Marina is a small seaside town near the Trogir town. Marina is situated in the protected cove together with the Agana marina. For its beauty, many tourists and guests are coming here, so the hosts had to built a hotel in Marina, Agana Marina , villas, vacation houses, apartments and the restaurants with the dalmatian dishes and wines.

History of town Marina

The town of Marina is situated in a sheltered Trogir bay. It is famous for its Agana Marina and citadel which dates back to the 15th century. The town of Marina dates back to the 9th century when it was known as Bosiljina and a component part of the Trogir Commune in which all of the constituent settlements, by the order of the duke and according to the statute, had to have a regulated urban life. Agriculture, commerce and maritime affairs were the main sources of income for the local inhabitants. During this time Marina flourished. However, this period did not last for long, because after the arrival of Venetians in 1420 to 1797, the autonomy of the commune and its settlements was greatly restricted. Furthermore, during the history of town Marina, in the 15th century, found itself under Turkish attack, which led the locals to build a citadel in 1495. The citadel consisted of a fort, a tower and a town wall, was used as protection from the Turks. Inside the walls, the settlement of Marina has slowly developed. Bishop Franjo Marcello used the fort as his summer residence for a period of time. In 1657, during the famous battle against Turks, a large number of local inhabitants were killed, and only about 400 hundred of them managed to escape and find refuge in the well-guarded Trogir Fortress. In history of town Marina, in year 1847, the municipality of Bosiljina had approximately 3,400 residents, which indicates, that its position in a sheltered cove attracted numerous local inhabitants. However, this number Town Marina never managed to surpass. After the Habsburg Monarchy took administrative control over Marina, the town has became prosperous again. In times to come numerous administrations and governments have followed, each leaving a mark on the culture, economy and agriculture of the lovely cove of Marina.

Marina citadel

Famous square Marina Citadel has been built in the year 1495. to provide the security for all the inhabitants of Marina settlement. Because of the frequent attacks of the Turkish, army from the land, and the pirates.from the sea, this Marina Citadel was built near the sea, with high walls. There were many users, during its history, till the moment when it was transformed into the four star hotel. It is still today, to the joy of many tourists and guests.

Agana Marina

Agana Marina has been built in the cove and in the very Marina down town. Everything is nearby, so every sailor can enjoy the town, shops and the beaches. During the tourist season, many yachts and sailing boats are sailing in this lovely Agana marina.

Marina tourist town

Marina tourist town is attractive destination to anyone who likes the beautiful nature, pebbles beaches and the clear sea. Marina Tourist Town is located near the town Trogir and the main roads, so many guests and tourists are coming here.



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