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National park Krka Croatia is situated in central south western part of Croatia along river Krka, 14 km north from town Sibenik and it has been proclaimed as national park in year 1985. National park Krka Croatia has surface of 142 km2, of which to water area belongs 26 km2, and it has got its name after eponymous river. River Krka springs at bottom of mountain Dinara, north from town Knin and it is 75 km long. About 700.000 tourists a year are visiting national park Krka. On its way, because of height difference of 242 m, it has created 29 river levels, 7 travertine cascades, numerous lakes, islands and waterfalls. Largest lakes are Prokljan and Visovac. There is one curiosity about Skradin buk, where first Hydropower Jaruga in Europe has been built on its waterfalls in year 1895, only few months after first hydropower in world, on river Niagara in USA. Electricity has been delivered to town Sibenik for urban lighting, important city institutions and services. To some spots in National park Krka guests can reach by tourist ships and boats, so they could enjoy in sightseeing of River Krka beauty, swimming in lakes, river or taste river specialties in restaurants. In whole area of National Park Krka Croatia there are walkways for walking and sightseeing, wooden bridges, fish ponds, mills, ichthyological and ornithological reservations. For its beauty, vicinity of seaside and wealth of river flora and fauna, large number of tourists and guests are coming here to visit. In number of visits, national park Krka is right behind National park Plitvice Croatia. Most famous spot in National park Krka is Rog waterfall with 12 river levels, in length of 650 m, with height difference of 47 m. It is 6 th travertine cascade, over which water overflows into Visovac lake, in which center, there is island with church and franciscan monastery. Rog waterfall has many lakes, mills, beautiful nature, forests and waterfalls. After it, follows Skradin Waterfall with its 17 river levels in length of 800 m and height difference of 195 m. It is 7 th last and most beautiful Travertine Cascade over which water overflows into still lover River Krka and Sibenik bay. In its vicinity there are tourists objects, restaurants, wooden bridge over river, large parking and camp Skradin. Management of National Park Krka Croatia is located in town Šibenik.



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