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Boats photo safari on the rivers of Dalmatia

The photo safari, as the special program of all day stay in a nature and nearby beautiful dalmatian rivers: Zrmanja, Krka, Cetina and Neretva has become the part of the package holidays or group trips during their stay in Dalmatia. There are many organizers like: Holiday makers, travel agencies, boards or hotels. The tourist adore these kind of trips, beause they have been offered by variety of pleasure and services. Many tourist are not safisfied with swimming and lying in the sun only but demand various and rich program out of their destinations. Trip to one of the dalmatian rivers is a excellent choice and they are usually transported by buses, and in the spot being accepted by the host from the local tourist board or the holiday maker. Boarding on the motor or local paddles wooden boats, is something new to them, and hardly wait to set sail on the river, look at the green nature, crystal clear blue river,admire to the water falls, different plants, trees, birds and animals, and catch it with the camera. It is specially interesting the Photo Safari on the river Neretva delta. It was made and shaped by the alluvial floods in the area of 12000 hectares.

Because of its large agrucultural area and reclamation, the better conditions for the agricultural yields and watering from the very river and its 4 branches, have been successfully made. The river delta is very rich with different flora and fauna, as nowhere in the Republic of Croatia. Because of the abundance of the trees,chervils,little islands,channels,hidden places,peace and silence,it is a paradise for the birds, fishes and animals. Through the national park, about 1620 hectares have been covered with the protection program of the nature and landscape. On the river Neretva delta, it has been recorded even 310 species of the birds, 115 of which are the nesting birds. It was exactly the reason for the organization of the trips and photo safare through the numerous river Neretva channels and branches. Within the trip, the visit to the town of Metkovic has been organized, which has the ornithological and ichthyological museum with 350 prepared birds,fishes, and animals. After the all day stay in the nature, sailing with the boats, the tourists have come finally to the Neretva house, famous restaurant near the lake Kuta, and continue to enjoy in tasting the local specialties.

This river delta is also known as the hidding place, where the Neretva pirats have sailed off and went to the attacts to the merchant ships, which have sailing through the Neretva and Korcula sea channels. Every year, the interested tourists for this kind od trips, taping the beautiful nature and magic dalmatian rivers is increasing.



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