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Football match between thicks and thins

The Football Match between the thicks and thins is a tradition within cultural summer, and every year, it attracts the growing number of the visitors. All the players are devided to the two teams, depending on their weight. For the team of thicks, only the players over the 110 kilograms, can play, and the thins are not allowed to have more then 65 kilograms. Before the match, all the players must be weighed in order to check their weights and devide them into the two teams. The heaviest player had even 158 kilograms, and the lightest only 46 kilograms. It can be only supposed, what is the proportion of the power,speed and the game style on the playground, when one player has the triple the weight of the opposite team player.

This match has the humanitarian character, because all the income goes to the association of «Sunce» Split, which take care of the children with disabilities. Match is organized in the evening hours, about 19 h, when the summer heat falls. To advertise this match as much as possible, these two teams in the sports dresses gathered at the Arbun, and in the procession walk over the whole seaside promenade to the football playground, by the escort of the city brass, atractive majorettes, curious tourists and the guests. All the players are to be lined at the middle of the playground of the city sports centre, introduce themselves, meet the opposite team and to bow down to the visitors and spectators. At the football judge whisle, the game has started, to the joy of the present audience. The last year match finished with the victory of the thicks, but after the playoff, by the penalty perfomance. All the players had the difficulties in the walking, running and play, because of the too much, or too little weight, so, someone had to stop and rest a bit for the exhaustion. When the Thins would launch an attack, the Thicks would block an access to the bare, so they had to manage in different ways, to run away or bypass them.

The match has ended successfully with a lot of smiling, applaud and enthusiasm of the numerous audience. For all the players, the Third Half was the most interesting to them, because it was about the food and the drinks in the neighbouring restaurant. They did their best through the large dinner after the exhausting match to the safisfaction of the players and spectators.

The Football Match between the Thicks and Thins is the special attraction within the Makarska cultural summer. Division of the players by weight, and not by the knowledge of the football skills, is attractive to everyone,who likes to watch less football, and more laugh and entertainment. Because, all the income goes to charity, many spectators have come to this football match, so they could help to the association of «Sunce» Split. The football match, where some players are several times heavier then the opposite ones, is really interesting and funny. The Third Half has been continued in the neighbouring restaurant, which abundant dishes and beverages has returned them the lost energy and power.



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