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Town Bol in Croatia

Town Bol in Croatia is one of the most famous destination in the Republic of Croatia and a world. It is situated in the southern part of island of Brac. It has one of the most beautiful beach in the world, and it is multiple winner in the category of the tourist towns in Croatia. Town Bol in Croatia is the most famous town on the island of Brac, Republic of Croatia and in the world. Because of its top tourist offer, in the year 2010. it was several times proclaimed as the multiple winner in the tourism. Such the significant rewards, could be treated as the tourist -Grand prix-. Many tourist workers in the town Bol have invested much efforts, to get the following rewards and recognitions:

Golden cape beach

The Golden Cape Beach is in the list of the most beautiful world beaches, because of its shape and the clear crystal sea. It is supposed, that present triangle shape of the pebbles has got by the sedimentary cycle and by the activity of the sea waves and streams. Characteristic for the cape is of entering in the sea for 500 meters, growing and changing the shape, influenced by the gravel screes alluvium and sedimentation, around the underwater reef. Golden Cape Beach offer even shade in the nearby pine trees forest, therefore, the few of the world beaches can compete with it.

Rewards in Bol tourism

For the top tourist offer, beautiful nature, arrangement of the town and the beaches, Town Bol in Croatia was the multiple winner in the tourist offer. Therefore has got 4 rewards in tourism : The tourist flower, as the reward for the best tourist town, in the category of the town with the 5.000 to 10.000 beds, the blue flower for the 3th place for the best kept municipal center in the Croatian seaside, the sunny flower for the first place for the best kept municipal center in the county, the best garden around the Villa Giardino, in the Croatian seaside and the county. These rewards in tourism mean the obligations and the pride of being the first in the tourism of Republic of Croatia.

History of Bol

History is very long and is one of the oldest town on the island of Brac. Its history of the town Bol dates since the neolithic. After that the Illyrians have come, then greeks inhabitants, Romans, Croats in the 8th and 9th century, Byzantines, Venice, Hungaries and Frenchmen. In the History Of Town Bol they have been even attacked by the Omis pirates. Town Bol has changed many authorities and conquerors. The latest history of the Town Bol is recording the Bol as the modern town which is dealing with the tourism, trade and the transport.

Bol tourist town

Bol tourist town is a modern settlement with the 1.500 inhabitants and developed tourism, marine and trade. During the high season, the number of inhabitants increases, even to the 12.000. As the town is well known in the whole world, so many holiday makers and tourist agencies, insert this destination in its program. Bol Tourist Town has many hotels, apartments, camps, villas, restaurants and the other tourist objects needed, with only one aim, to meet the tourist demand with the top offer. The clear sea, golden cape beach, kind hosts, will attract the most demanding tourists from all the sides of the world. The tourist workers in the town of Bol have the lot of things and present them to anyone who comes in this beautiful part of the island of Brac.


Bol is a town situated on the southern part of the Brac island. It is on the list of the worldwide famous destinations for its top tourist offer and famous golden cape beach. Because of the large number of the tourists, who are coming here, the hosts had to build many tourist objects. Very arranged town with the dalmatian trees and flowers, promenade and numerous travel agencies. Many passengers, guests and the tourists are coming here.

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