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Apartments in Bol

Apartments in Bol are located in numerous tourist objects, at attractive spots, near Pebbles Beaches and sea. About 450 Apartments In Bol are located in 6 hotels and numerous private objects provide top accommodation and stay. Town Bol has been been several times proclaimed as town winner in tourism, and had to take care of keeping that title every tourist season. Town Bol is situated on southern part of island Brac. Apartments In Bol are situated near worldwide known Golden Cape Beach and beautiful nature. For large number of cars, which are coming to this town, 8 camps has been built. Town Bol has long history, and for its beauty and attraction, it is known as Top Destination for numerous world holiday makers and travel agencies. During tourist season, number of inhabitants increases even to 6 times, so apartments in town Bol and island Brac play significant role in provision of top accommodation and stay for numerous guests and tourists.

Apartments Bol

Apartments in Bol are component part of tourist offer. About 450 apartments in Bol provide guests good accommodation and stay.

Bracka cesta 10, Bol
Island Brac

Ivana Mazuranica 8, Bol
Island Brac

Domovinskog rata 40, Bol
Island Brac

Petra Hektorovica 31, Bol
Island Brac

Ante Radica 5, Bol
Island Brac

Uz Pjacu 21, Bol
Island Brac

Glavica 5, Bol
Island Brac

Obala 24, Bol
Island Brac

Gospojica Henjak
Novi Put 47, Bol
Island Brac

House Racic
Racic 5, Bol
Island Brac

Racic 15, Bol
Island Brac

Mirka Vrsalovica 26, Bol
Island Brac

Uz Lozu 7, Bol
Island Brac

Hrvatskog preporoda, Bol
Island Brac

Marka Marulica 21, Bol
Island Brac

Marka Marulica 12, Bol
Island Brac

Zadarska 1, Bol
Island Brac

Blato 9a, Bol
Island Brac

Dubrovacka 6, Bol
Island Brac

Hrvatskih Domobrana bb, Bol
Island Brac

Regina Bodlovic
Uz Gospoicu b.b, Bol
Island Brac

Blato 3, Bol
Island Brac

SD House
Tezacki put 10, Bol
Island Brac

San Antonio
Tezacki put 12, Bol
Island Brac

Frane Radica 3, Bol
Island Brac

Hrvatskih domobrana 24B, Bol
Island Brac

Stella Mare
Racic 29, Bol
Island Brac

Bracka cesta 9, Bol
Island Brac

Villa Jelena
Dubrovacka 4, Bol
Island Brac

Mirka Vrsalovica 4, Bol
Island Brac

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