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Town Rogac

The town Rogac is a port situated on the northern coast of the Solta island. A ferry line connects the town Rogac with the town of Split. This tourist resort was named after the numerous carob trees which the inhabitants have been breeding all over the island. For its beautiful nature many guests are coming here.


The Town Rogac is situated in the protected cove in the northern part of the Solta island. Town Rogac has hot its name after the carob trees which were growing on the surrounding fields. Rogac is a port connected to the town of Split by a ferry line. This makes it easy to all the citizens of Split if they want to come in town Rogac, in the short time and escape from the noisy and stressful environment of a large town and enjoy the peaceful and beautiful scenery of the Solta island. Frequent ferry line Split - Rogac enables the coming of many guests and tourists.

History of town Rogac

Throughout the History Of Town Rogac it has had never many residents, mainly because it was frequently attacked by the Omis pirates. Furthermore, the lack of fertile land forced the locals to move to the centre of the island. In the Middle age, the arictocrats from the town Split, have started to build the country houses for their vacation and pleasure. In the history of town Rogac, it was the oldest settlement on the Solta island. In the history of town Rogac, nearby town Grohote has been trading with their products from the large fertile field, throuht the port of Rogac. In the latest history of town Rogac, it is dealing in the tourism, transport and trade.

Rogac tourist town

Rogac tourist town offers the high quality tourist accommodation and services. Its main attractions are the clear sea , beautiful and serene nature, which attracts many guests and tourists. The vicinity of the mainland and the frequent ferry line Split – Rogac, makes it easy to come here in the short time and enjoy the nature and peace. Rogac Tourist Town has many apartments, villas and the restaurants to meet the tourist demand.

Rogac ferry port

Rogac is a little settlement, situated in the northern part of the Solta island , which is connected by the Split town by the ferry line. The town has the beautiful beaches and the clear sea. To make the arrival to the Solta island possible, there is the frequent ferry line Split – Rogac. Rogac Ferry Port has been built in the protected cove, so, it is open even during the rough sea and the windy weather. This Rogac Ferry Port means a lot to all the residents of the Solta island.

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