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Town Pucisca

The town Pucisca is situated in the northern part of the Brac island. From the ancient times, Town Pucisca is known for its qualitative white stone and the stone masonry tradition. Its name, it has got after the water springs-puteus, which have existed in this area. Today's Pucisca is a modern town which is dealing with tourism, stone masonry and the trade.


The town of Pucisca is seaside settlement in the northern part of the Brac island, known after the top quality white stone and the stone masonry. The town has got its name after the latin word Puteus-well, because there were many wells around the town Pucisca. The residents have used the well water for the cattle and watering the fields. Because of its beautiful coast many tourists are coming in Pucisca, to enjoy the pebbles and rocky beaches which are surrounded by the rich forest.

Brac stone-pit

Brac stone pit is famous worldwide because, many famous buildings in the world have been built by the stone from Brac island ant its stone-pit in Pucisca town. The most famous White House in the town of Washington, in USA, has been building by the Brac White Stone in the period from the year 1792 - 1800. After the completion, the president of USA has moved into this beautiful building for the first time.In Brac stone-pit, there is stone masonry school, where many attendants learn the basic and professional skills and techniques of the stone handling. White Stone from the Brac stone-pit is famous worldwide like the stone from the town Carrare in Italy and the Par island in Greece. The top craft masters are able to make the real master act from this beautiful white stone. Many of them are located in the different countries and towns. The famous Emperor Diocletian Palace in town of Split, has been building with the stones from this place, in the period from the 295 – 305 AC. Through its history, except the working in the Brac stone-pit, the Town Pucisca and its inhabitants have been dealing with the agriculture, cattle breeding, fishing trade and the trade.

Pucisca tourist town

Pucisca tourist town is a nice seaside town, located in the protected cove, in the nothern side of the Brac island, known after its stone pit, worldwide known white stone, traffic and the tourism. Many tourists, who want to injoy the pebbles beaches and the hospitality of the hosts in hotels, villas, apartments and the restaurants of the Pucisca tourist town, with the famous Brac specialties, fish and wine, are coming here. In the recent times, the Pucisca Tourist Town has invested a lot into the Tourism and the maritime traffic. The vicinity of the towns of Split and Supetar, contributes the development of the very town. The clear sea, peace, Brac specialties, beautiful bays, beaches and the bicycle trips are the reason for every tourist to come and visit this wonderful Pucisca tourist town.

History of town Pucisca

In the history of town Pucisca, it has been mentioned for the first time in the year 1184. in the Povlja document in the Croatian language. It was a rare document from that time, which has been written in the Croatian language at all. In the history of town Pucisca, at he beginning of the 16th century, more precisely, in the year 1516. town had even the private school as the cultural centre of the Brac island. The towns Pucisca and Povlja were very important towns in the history of town Pucisca. Today's Pucisca is a modern town which is dealing in tourism, stone masonry, trade and the transport.



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