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Town Maslinica

The town Maslinica is a small settlement situated in a bay on the west side of Solta island. It is well known after the Marchi castle with fortification purposes which is renovated and converted into a hotel and restaurant This part of the bay and town Maslinica is surrounded by pine trees forest, protected from strong winds and waves, by 7 little islands in front of it. The St. Benedict Monastery was build on the biggest of those 7 islands, called Stipanska in the 6th century. Even today remnants of it are preserved, with characteristic architecture, walls and sacred parts of the building.

History of town Maslinica

The History Of Town Maslinica starts with the Marchi family, who has, in the year 1703 asked a permission from Venice to build castle and settlement on the island. Due to the frequent pirate attacks, a castle with fortification purposes has been built. It had many chambers and halls but also the strong towers for protection.

Castle Marchi

The castle Marchi has been building in the year 1703. as the country house by the arictocratic family Marchi. This family was living in the town Split. The purpose of the building such a castle, was a leaving the city life and the escape into the nature of the island. For the danger from the sea and the pirates, this house was built as the castle with strong and high walls. Today, this castle is renovated and converted into hotel and restaurant. Besides the town Maslinica can offer unspoilt beaches, peace, fantastic gastronomic dishes,wine and many apartment sites to its visitor.


Maslinica is a nice small town connected with the mainland by a regular ferry line from port Rogac to Split, which makes Town Maslinica ideal tourist destination. Inhabitants of the islands are dealin in tourism, agriculture and fishing. Because of the tourism, Town Maslinica is expanding by many modern new houses. .

Maslinica tourist town

Maslinica tourist town is a pleasant settlement on the western part of the Solta island. The famous castle of the arictocratic family Marchi and Martinis, from the 18th century, surrounded by the pine trees forest, has been transformed into the hotel. Maslinica Tourist Town is offering the top services to all the tourists who are coming here. In the surrounding settlement, restaurants, villas and apartments have been built to meet the growing tourist demand.



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