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Town Komiza

The town Komiza is situated on the west coast of the island of Vis in a small protected bay. Due to its narrow position under the hill of Hum, the town Komiza had to be oriented mostly to the fisheries and maritime affairs. The total area of Komiza municipality is 48 km2 with around 3000 inhabitants divided among two urban settlements. Komiza is a modern town with many businesses and tourism is just one of them. The tourist offers includes numerous hotels, restaurants, apartments and villas together with other facilities that fulfill all needs of Komiza guests during and off, the summer season.

Bisevo blue cave

Bisevo blue cave is the world tourist phenomenom, which due to sun reflection, gives unique silver blue color to the sea and walls inside Bisevo blue cave. That place is only possible to reach with small ship, which gives additional exclusivity to the place. After the reflection, all the space and the people, become illumined by the magic silver colour of the light. This blue cave is on the small Bisevo island.

City San Pedro in California

In the city San Pedro in Califormia, near city Los Angeles live more people, who have originated from Komiza, than in Komiza itself. After the World war the first, when many diseases have striked the fruits and vegetables, many people eventually started to emigrate mostly to foreign countries in search for a better life. City San Pedro in Califormia has become the new home for many people from the town Komiza.

Pope Alexander III

Komiza was the first place which the Pope Alexander III visited in the year 1177. Because of the bad weather on his trip to Venice, he had to stop and search the calm harbour until the storm passed. The citizens from town Komiza have manifested as the good hosts and gave the shelter and food to all the group arround the Pope Alexander III. In return, he gave them the governing over the Palagruza island.

Fishing boat Falkusa

Fishing boat Falkusa (gajeta) is Komiza boat that presented Croatia on World EXPO 1998 Portugal. It is assumed that it dates back to 16th century. Fishing Boat Falkusa has characteristic features : Two pairs of triangle sails, 5 paddles, ship is 9 m length, 2.9 m wide, boom 9m , excellent control and shallow draft. Except for fishing, the boat Falkusa was used for the transport of the cargo, wine, olive oil, fruits and vegetables for their families.


Komiza is situated in the protected bay on the west coast of Vis island. During its long history, the inhabitants of Komiza were mostly oriented to maritime affairs, fishing and agriculture. Komiza is younger than the town of Vis. It is assumed, that it has got a name from words com issa, which means approximately place near antic town Issa. Although Greek colonists were present in this area, no concrete evidence of their existence were found in the area of Komiza. The name of Town Komiza was mentioned for the first time in 12th century, as Val comeza in Zadar's count Petar.charter.

History of town Komiza

During the history of town Komiza, during the Venice rule, Komiza together with Vis, was under the Hvar municipality. In that period the main activities of the population were fishing and agriculture. Due to its rich fish resources the town got developed and the whole municipality prospered. Later in the history of town Komiza, after the period of Venice and French Republic rule, Komiza fell under Austrian jurisdiction and gained the status of an autonomous municipality. Due to that reason, the town of Komiza was the biggest and the most populated settlement on the whole island with a population of about 4 000 inhabitants. Among other things a big port with a strong mole existed. In the history of town Komiza,with the fall of the Austro-Hungarian empire, a stagnation of the island and the Town Komiza begun. Today Komiza is a modern town whose inhabitants are dealing in tourism, fishing, trade and the transport.

Komiza tourist town

Nowadays, Komiza tourist town has gained a status of a town in the year 1997. so it opened the perspective for its development. Komiza Tourist Town is a modern town which founds its development on tourism, traffic and agriculture. Many visitors are coming here to this town because of its exquisite nature and high quality of the tourist offers in all areas. Komiza is the famous fishing town on Vis island, which has been, through the history, dealing with fishing industry, maritime trade, agriculture and the tourism recently. Sailors and the tourists are coming in Komiza Tourist Town to taste the top fishing specialties and the domestic wines. Their number is growing every year, so the hotels, villas, vacataion houses, apartments and the restaurants had to be built.



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Villa Villa Komiza

Villa Villa Komiza
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