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Visit to the blue cave Bisevo, town of Komiza

The little island of Bisevo is a pearl of the dalmatian archipelago, which is located on the south- western part of the island Vis. Because of large influence of the sea on the island, the strong marine waves have eroded the seaside lime stones and made numerous under and above ground's caves. The isolation and the hidden coves and caves, have enabled to some kind of seal-the sea monk, abiding in this area, enjoying in the silence and abundance of the fish. The presence of the men, fishing and the increasing vessels traffic has influenced to this shy animal, and made her to run away from this island, and find some more quiet place. The Medvidina and the Blue Cave are the most famous caves on the island of Bisevo. Medvidina is named after the sea monk-seal, who should has entered through the underwater hole of the cave and abide there. Far known the blue cave,as we know it today, has originated by spreading the entrance hole. The merit for this, has the explorer and lover to the sea, baron Eugen von Ransonet, who has spread the little cave entrance by the explosive, and enabled the boats to enter the cave and enjoy in the play of the light and sea. The arising silver light is the result of entering the light through the smaller hole and its reflection from the sea bottom to the larger one. Such the light lightens the whole cave, and magic combination of the silver colours, glittering,green-blue sea,some wonderland, and illuminance can begins.

Whoever is at that moment in the cave, remains speechless and breathless, because everything in that space becomes magic and illuminated. Such the event, the tourists and guests can not forget. Every year, the encreasing number of visitors want to see this unique natural phenomenon in the Mediterranean.

The visits to the Island Bisevo by the boats, is the component part of the tourist offer and advertisement of the island of Vis. It means a lot to the inhabitants of the island of Vis,its economy and tourism.



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