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Nature parks in Croatia

Nature parks in Croatia are areas of land or sea with preserved diversity of flora and fauna, ecological areas, Protected Areas and Endemic Species of national importance. Nature parks in Croatia, except of basic tasks of preservation and protection of all Biological Species at that area, they exist for education in nature, culture, history and ecology of excursionists, guests and tourists. Part of Nature Parks In Croatia have large number of meadows and agricultural areas for local inhabitants who are living there. Except of basic objects, in nature parks in Croatia, many tourist, sports and recreational objects and contents have been built, so they could increase number of visitors and thereby better terms of business and maintainance of nature parks in Croatia. For protection of nature and biological species, 11 Nature Parks In Croatia have been established, they are: Biokovo, Kopacki rit, Lonja field, Telascica, Medvednica, Papuk, Velebit, Vrana lake, Lastovo islands, Ucka and Zumberak on overall surface of 4.400 km2.

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