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Town Vrboska

Town Vrboska is a small town situated in a bay surrounded by pine forest in the Northern part of the Hvar island Because the houses, on the both sides of the Town Vrboska channal are connected by the bridges with the small island in the middle, that is why, Town Vrboska is often named as a Little Venice. It is supposed that the town has got its name after the nearby town Vrbanj which was trading through the Vrboska port.


Vrboska is a small town situated in a beautiful bay in the northern coast of the Hvar island. Vrboska as the tourist destination is surrounded by pine forests and lovely beaches. All the city houses in Brboska are lined up along the Sea Channel and connested with the bridges. One beautiful island is situated at the centre of the bay. It is a sight to sea, so many tourists are coming here.

History of town Vrboska

Although in the history of town Vrboska, the etymology of the name Vrboska is unknown, it is widely known that the settlement was founded in the 15th century in a sheltered cove. The residents have been dealing in fishing and the ships building because the surroundings was full of the pine trees. The Romans has got it the name Verboscam. Town Vrbanj was exporting its agriculture products through the Vrboska port. During the History Of Town Vrboska small houses have been built on either side of the canal of Vrboska and connected by bridges. That is why, the locals often name the Vrboska as a 'Little Venice'. Today's Vrboska is a modern town which is dealing in tourism, trade and the fishing.

Vrboska tourist town

Vrboska tourist town is located in the northern part of the Hvar island, in the beautiful cove. It is known after the beautiful beaches, pine trees forest and the channel is connected by the bridges. Therefore, it has got the name of -Little Venice- The tourists are coming here gladly, so the hosts have built numerous tourist objects. The entire locality is surrounded by forests, and to reach the lovely pristine beaches, everyone has to use numerous hidden pathways. Many guests and tourists visit Vrboska during the tourist season to enjoy its beauty, peace, and quiet. Amiable hosts do everything in their power to maintain the high quality service and make their guests feel like home.



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