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Town Vis

Town Vis is situated in the big and protected St. George bay, in the north-east side of Vis island. During the course of history, town Vis was known as city-state Issa, which were established by Greek settlers from town Cyracuse, on the Sicily island. There are 2 large fields behind the town, which allow its inhabitants to develop diverse agriculture, ranging from olive trees and wine grapes to variable species of fruits and vegetables. The municipality of town Vis occupies an area of 52 km2 and comprises 11 settlements and around 4000 inhabitants. Town Vis is now a modern settlement developed in many areas, from tourism to agriculture. Town Vis is also famous touristic destination, because it offers a peace and tranquility, wonderful unspoiled beaches and exceptional gastronomy.

History of town Vis

In the history of town Vis, the first settlement was established in 6th century BC by Greek colonists from town Syracuse on the Sicily island. Due to its strategic position and importance in marine transport, Vis island was a target of many attacks and foreign occupation throughout a history of town Vis. That is why, it is not surprising that a fortress were build in its protected bay. Later on, in history of town Vis, the fortress was a base for spreading power, influence and colonization on the mainland. Tragurion (now Trogir), Lumbarda (settlement on Korcula island) and Epition (now Stobrec) were inhabited from here.

City-state Issa

The city-state Issa existed as the Polis until the 1th century BC They had all the features of the state : Army, forftresses, navy, city statut, colonies, mercantile and fishing fleet, police, customs, money, coat of arms, flag, organized urban life and the agriculture on the Vis field. In the 1th century, the Romans have come and defeated their army. As a consequence of that, it lost its status and has became an ordinary city - part of the Roman Empire. Today we can find numerous objects and architectural ruins typical for that historical period. After the end of Romans rule many other rulers left its mark on the town of Vis town and on the island itself.

Vis naval battle in the year 1866

Among the historical moments, it is important to mention the Vis naval battle in the year 1866. That historical battle happened on 20th July 1866, in which Austro-Hungarian navy, made mostly of Croatian soldiers, has defeated the larger Italian fleet which was threatening to conquer the Croatian side of Adriatic Sea. During the Vis naval battle in the year 1866, the ratio of power was the next : The Habsburg monarchy fleet had 27 battleships with the total of 57.344 gross register tonnage and 7.871 men. The Kingdom Italy fleet had 34 battleships with the total 86.000 gross register tonnage and 10.886 men. The Italian navy has been recovering for many years after this terrible defeat.


Vis is the largest town in Vis island. It has got its name after the ancient Greece name Issa. It has been built in the large cove together with a harbour, which enabled the trade and traffic on the sea. Although Vis has changed different states and many rulers during its existence, it has been developed as the trade, fishing and maritime centre among the Middle Dalmatian islands. Vis has also a large fertile field in the middle of the island, which provides them many agriculture products, fruit and vegetables. Vis is today modern town which is mostly dealing in tourism and fishing industry.

Vis tourist town

Vis tourist town is today a modern town, whose inhabitants are building their future mainly through the tourism, transport,fishing industry and agriculture. Vis Tourist Town is in the same time a marine for the mooring the ships, yachts and the luxury charter cruising vessels. Many sailors and tourists are coming here, so, Vis Tourist Town have built many hotels, villas, vacation houses, apartments and restaurants offering the best fish specialties.

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