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Gajeta Falkusa celebration, town of Vis

Gajeta Falkusa is the historical fishing boat, which origin is dating from the distant past. The ancient Illyrians and the Greek colonists who have settled the island of Vis, through all their history, were dealing with the fishing,wine-growing,trade,olive oil production and the growing of the other agricultural products. All the surpluses they had to sell to the neighbouring islands,towns and the settlements at the coast. For this purpose they have built the beauty-gajeta Falkusa, with the specific particularities : Two triangular sails ( 1 latin and 1 flok ) with the surface of 90 m2 , 5-6 long paddles 9 m long, depending on the trip duration and the cargo transport, width of 2,9 m, mast of 9 m height,shalow ford,made of pine tree wood with the strong oak wood deep keel which enables its stability,high and solid rudder and special maneuverability.

Except for the fishing, this boat has been used for the transport of the cargo in the coastal traffic and for the departure to their land.These improved contructional particularities date from the 16. century. For the purpose of the World's exposition «EXPO 1998» in the state of Portugal, Republic of Croatia has exposed its Gajeta Falkusa. For its building and originality, the ship builders from the towns of Komiza and Korcula have taken care of it.How good its maneuverability was, proves the datum that they have sailing even to the island of Malta. One event in its history is very important, when the Komiža fishermen with their boats gajeta, have met the pope Aleksander the III, near the island Palagruža the year 1177. when he was returning to the Vatican from the distant countries. They have accepted and accomodated him in their little town of Komiza as the good hosts, and see him off again, during his return to the town of Rome. It was decisive moment why this island, reach with the fishes, has been assigned to the Republic of Croatia, and not to the Republic of Italy, which is only 27 miles away from it.To save another ships and sailers arround the world's seas, at the day of Saint Nicolas, in the town of Komiza, one of the boat is cremating, as the sign of the eternal cyklus of life and death.

This celebration, related to the Gajeta falkusa, is excellent promotion of the island Vis tourism, arrival of the numerous guests and tourists, and for the traffic and economy of the whole island.

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