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Town Kastel Gomilica

Town Kastel Gomilica is situated near the sea in the Kastela field. It was named after a sea reef (gomilica) on which a Benedictine Monastery fort was built. In 1078 the Croatian King Zvonimir gave them a land as a present for the construction of this fort. Town Kastel Gomilica is today a modern settlement which is dealing in tourism, trade and the fishing.

History of town Kastel Gomilica

In the History Of Town Kastel Gomilica was mentioned for the first time in 1078 when the Croatian King Zvonimir gave as present a land in the Kastela bay to a Benedictine monastery, to built the church of saint Kuzma and Damjan on that territory. It is situated near the roman villa rustica. In front of the church there is an oak tree approximately seven hundred years old. The Benedictines built the monastery-castle on a sea reef-gomilica, after which the town was named. On the northern side there is a large tower which protected the church and also served for lifting and lowering of the drawbridge. That church castle also had the door which was used as a way out by boat in case of such danger. Later on in the history of town Kastel Gomilica, the settlement started expanding outside this castle church because numerous immigrants, running away of the Turks, started to arrive in these fortified towns, looking for protection. Present Kastel Gomilica is a modern settlement dealing in tourism and trade.

Kastel Gomilica

Kastel Gomilica is a nice town with a long history and is situated in the fertile Kastela field. Arround Kastela Gomilica there is a beautiful nature, pebbles beaches. In the history of this town, many refugees ranning away of the turkish army, have settled here for the safety. The inhabitants are today mostly dealing in tourism and agriculture.

Kastel Gomilica tourist town

Kastel Gomilica tourist town is an attractive destination for avery guests and tourist who want to rest and enjoy the nature, pebbles beaches, swimming in the clear sea, cooling in the shade of the pine trees forest. Kastel Gomilica Tourist Town is situated near the main roads and cities Trogir and Split, so many guests are coming here.



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