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Gladiators fights are one of the most attractive performances within town Split tourist summer and emperor Diocletian days. They are taking place since May to August every year and at more spots: Famous roman arena in town Solin, Peristil square and boardwalk. Emperor Diocletian days have rich presentation program of life, duties, nutrition and entertainment of that roman emperor, who is supposed to be born in a small roman village near former town Salona, in town Split surroundings, near village Mravinci. At that very day, emperor Diocletian and his wife Prisca, in escort of emperor guard, are coming out of there emperor rooms, through cellars to boardwalk, where their carriage is waiting for them in escort of roman legions soldiers with sounds of fanfares, drums and roman music, which announce arrival of emperor Diocletian and his family.

To this honor, emperor would allow, on all squares and streets, taking place of entertainment and dance program of street performers and after finished parade he would offer the rich selection of dishes and specialties from that era. Column of emperor, his escort, roman guard and roman soldiers were walking on Boardwalk to Marmont Street and king Tomislav street to Golden gate, where they were coming to Peristil square, the main space where emperor was receiving and greeting all guests and government representatives. There he was greeted by all his important guests with their families and he should have received report from his army commander. After that, emperor Diocletian gave the order to take place the fights, games and entertainment. Within that, the most interesting event were fights of gladiators. From history it is known that the most famous gladiator was Tiranius from Dacia ( Romania ). There were 3 types of heavy gladiators: With Square Shield ( Scutum ), Helmet and Sword ( Gladius ) or without helmet, with Net ( Rete ), Trident ( Fuscina, tridens ) and long Dagger ( Pugio ) or smaller Square Shield and short curved Saber ( Sica ) and the Light Gladiators who were wearing smaller round shield, Spear ( Hasta ) and long dagger. All of them were wearing the metal or leather Protectors for whole body or for hands, neck, shoulders, chest, legs and head. After, Peristil square has become free, roman soldiers ranked, the gladiators should come and fights could begin. Those fights of gladiators in original clothings, weapons, equipment and footwear are interesting to all guests, tourists and domestic inhabitants. Winners have had to wait a sign of roman official, audience and guests, a thumb up or down, which would have decided about a destiny of defeated, all within performance. There are also interesting the fights of gladiators on original spot of roman arena in Salona, where more gladiators can fight in larger space. After finished program, dance, entertainment and fights, emperor Diocletian should call guests to meal with rich offer of original dishes and drinks from roman age.

To tourists and guests it is interesting to look guards near objects of emperor Diocletian palace and roman soldiers patrols while there were marching through squares and streets so they could protect emperor rooms and very citizens. They often love to socialize and take pictures with roman soldiers who are dressed in attractive uniforms and with weapons from roman times. Fights of gladiators are important part of town Split tourist offer.

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